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Digital trend

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is the next step in the evolution of consumer marketing on the web.  In a traditional sense, digital influencers typically produce content through various channels (both off-line and online) to influence customer behavior. Social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are peppered with instances of digital influencers. Many popular stars have emerged over time, including Jen Selter, Ryan Deiss, Jenna Marbles, Neil Patel, and Rand Fishkin. These folks are the superstars of the online milieu. They offer viable marketing solutions and strategies to help grow businesses.

Mention is often made of popular YouTubers with throngs of subscribers. Names like PewDiePie boast 95,648,856 subscribers with over 21.4 billion video views. Dude Perfect boasts 41.9 million subscribers with 7.8 billion video views. Clearly, there is tremendous power in social media and particularly with digital influencer marketing. In this realm, there is yet another avenue being explored by leading entrepreneurs and technologists like Tal Melenboim. Rather than adopting the conventional route of uniform appeal, Melenboim has crafted a dynamic virtual digital influencer known as Zoe Dvir.

What is Zoe Dvir and How Does it Work?

Zoe dvir

Zoe Dvir is a digital rendering; she is everything she needs to be based on her clients’ expectations. This rising star on Instagram bridges the gap between a company and its target market. ZoeDvir is a vibrant, trendy millennial with a free spirit, and a zest for life. She is the face of her target market and she represents the best qualities of her base. This concept was years in the making. With Melenboim at helm and co-founder Dan Edry at his side, Zoe Dvir was launched.

ZoeDvir uses proprietary digital technology to craft a marketing strategy for clients. Zoe is an Instagram model, and a popular one at that. At the time of writing, she boasted 28,300+ followers on Instagram and growing fast. Another hugely popular digital influencer is the iconic ‘Lil Miquela’ on Instagram. She is the face of the new generation, routinely posting about trending issues, and social causes. She currently has 1.5 million followers on her channel. The technological advances with this virtual influencer are evident in the video interviews which juxtapose the 3D animated avatar alongside real-life people. The result is a subscriber base of epic proportions.

The Brains Behind Zoe Dvir

For Melenboim and Edry, the concept was extrapolated to be of use to companies seeking to market their products and services to their base. Zoe Dvir comes with the tagline, ‘You’re amazing just the way you are’ and that resonates with audiences worldwide. With just a few dozen posts to boot, this virtual digital influencer is already drawing compliments from the crowds. The key to her success as a digital influencer is personalization. After careful evaluation of a client’s target market, all the necessary adjustments are made to tailor a marketing campaign to specs.

Virtual digital influencers have a slight advantage over human models (1.77% vs 1.39%) and this is driving change in this direction. Social media influencers rely on mass-market appeal to convert traffic into paying customers. Slight percentages can mean the difference between success and failure in this realm. Zoe Dvir is the product of significant ideation, from concept to creation.

The market for avatars for branding purposes is steadily growing and entrepreneurs are leveraging this for the most effective marketing campaigns. Conventional marketing methodology no longer generates the mass-market appeal; today, it’s all about social media and virtual influencers driving the narrative. ZoeDvir is a veritable ‘Labor of Love’; a start-up project designed to craft the ideal marketing initiative.

Computer-Generated Imagery Influencers a Big Hit with Fans

Consider that influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing areas on the web, with an estimated spend of $8 billion by next year. With a CPM of $5, marketing gurus are crunching the numbers to bring these groundbreaking projects to the fore. Many years ago, Hollywood released a film starring Al Pacino, known as SIMONE (Simulation One). A virtual popstar performed in front of massive crowds. An entire persona was created, fanfare was generated, and record sales resulted. The public’s interest in digital influencers is at an all-time high. Augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence have introduced these concepts to mainstream audiences. The commingling of virtual and corporeal elements is pervasive and this is the next step in that evolution. ZoeDvir is appealing, independent and spirited. She serves as the brand ambassador for companies across multiple sectors, tiers and industries. Behind-the-scenes, in-depth analytics allow for careful evaluation of audience stats, engagement levels, and conversion rates. Once the requisite work has been completed, the marketing campaign is rolled out in earnest.

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