3 Gravest Mistakes Businesses Make Regarding Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing

Who doesn’t like to watch Gigi Hadid in those stunning Tommy Hilfiger clothes? It is no doubt that popular celebrities can make your brand look fancy. But, the challenge still stands – how much does influencer marketing actually work for businesses? Out of all marketing strategies that businesses use, from search engine optimization to social media marketing, influencer marketing is one that is actually gaining a lot of popularity. But, some companies, not only the small businesses, but even the big ones continue to lose at influencer marketing. The return on investment isn’t very great, while a lot budget in spent the influencer. Here are two major reason where companies are going wrong about the entire concept of influencer marketing, despite working on large budgets and famous professionals:

(1) Most brands don’t realize that bigger stars aren’t necessarily the right influencers for your brand. The phrase, “the bigger the better”, doesn’t work here. It is important to realize that the influencer has to have a larger impact on your target audience, so you can’t pool in David Beckham for a food product, instead of probably going for a popular chef, who is actually related to the product. If the influencer isn’t related to your brand, people are going to find it difficult in believing in your product. So, instead of spending your time, money and resources into chasing a top star is just brutal wastage, that is the first turn you’ve taken wrong. You can also invest into micro-influencers who tend to have a good fan following, and who are specifically related to your field.

(2) Most companies don’t go beyond Instagram, when it comes to influencer marketing. If you want to build your brand, Instagram may not be the only available platform. There is Snapchat and Pinterest that are equally popular, but need a slightly different approach in order to make it worthwhile.

(3) Every company has this habit of trying to collaborate with any person who has a large fan base, and even after repeated setbacks, these companies don’t seem to learn from their mistakes and experiment someone new for their company. Before selecting an influencer, it is important to go through their social platforms, to the tiniest of the details. After a proper review of all the campaigns they’ve been a part of, how they communicate with their audience, how often do they post, etc. is when you consider the popularity factor.

Change your approach towards influencer marketing.

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