How to be A Successful Social Media Influencer?

Social media influencers have a lot of definitions nowadays. But personally, I believe that to be called an influencer in any platform; there has to be a substantial level of commitment towards a set of principles. First of all, you need to be respectful towards people, their choices, opinions, and individuality. Another important thing that you need to remember is that people use social media mostly for entertainment. 

If viewers feel motivated, inspired, emotional, or happy in some form or the other, then you can use the term influencer after going through your content. However, if all your content does is spread negativity and leave people disturbed, that cannot be clubbed under the influencer category.

Yes, indeed, negative publicity is also publicity, and a lot of people earn bucks out of it, but hey, we are talking about influencers, remember? Just take a moment and think, when you see a Facebook dedicated to people rescuing strays as opposed to one spreading any form of racism or hatred, which one will inspire you or make you feel better?

A vast booming industry has developed in the last two decades after social media-based marketing sky-rocket, especially with the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube-based influencers. But what does it take to become one?

Let me give you a quick look into some ingredients that can make you a successful influencer.

Good Content

It goes without saying that the better the content, the more the visitor. Whether you are blogging, vlogging, or putting stories, quality content will grab more attention than just “big show, no material” scenarios. 

For this, you need to research, read, study, and plan ahead so that every time you are putting something out there, you know that you have done your best. How the public reacts to it is not in your hands, but putting in the right amount of effort is definitely within your cup of tea!

Choose a Platform and Stick to It

I am not saying you shouldn’t diversify. Instead, what I mean is that, concentrate on creating content for a single platform first. Once you have to build your base there, then explore other platforms to build your brand value.

Select a Niche 

Now, this is very important. If you want to tickle funny bones, then grow in that, if you are interested in cooking, then bravo go ahead; if science experiments are your thing, then great. 

However, if you are into fashion but start off by being a comedian, a cook, and hairstylist all at the same time, you lose your integrity. As an influencer, people will look up to you, but until you have a well-defined niche, how will you build your portfolio and excel?

Build Your Network

Social media is all about networking. Just like it is crucial to find your followers and set of people who are interested in your content, it is equally essential to building a network among other influencers in your niche and beyond. 

Community support will help you find brands, people, and even followers when you are searching for the jump or push to go towards the next step.


Be it seminars, webinars, meet and greets, forums, or fests, take part actively. This not only makes you visible but also helps you build networks that can go a long way. 

Many people land up in gigs through such networking and find success in the most unexpected ways.

Keep Researching 

This applies to any field you are in. It would help if you keep learning and researching. The more you read up and observe as well as explore, the more creative you can get with your content. 

Researching extensively not only makes your content attractive and relatable to the viewers but also adds value to your influencer status.

Find Good Sponsors

Early on, start collecting information about the type of sponsors you would like to attract. This would give you a headstart about what to expect and how you can monetize your social media presence.

Plan, Plan, and Plan

Successful influencers always have a plan in place. It doesn’t have to be totally flawless, but at least you should have an idea about basic things like niche, how you plan to grow your channel, and where you see yourself in the future as a social media influencer.


Once you have to build a channel or page, start promoting on different platforms. Suppose if you are a YouTube vlogger, post links within your friends, family, and other acquaintances to increase your visibility. 

You could use different social media platforms for this and reach out to a large number of potential audiences.

Be Honest

In the race to create good content, don’t lose yourself. Always remember that nothing is more attractive than being who you are. Work hard, be honest to yourself, and keep it real. You don’t want to lose perspective in a bid to sell something. 

Staying grounded not only helps but also lets you connect more to your audiences. People love those who they can relate to. So relax and chill, you don’t have to be perfect in order to be a right, well-liked influencer!

Make Regular Updates

Be active and update content regularly. Also, make sure you set a weekly routine so that your audience has an idea when to expect new exciting stuff on your channel.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to hard work and dedication. If you have chosen this path, be ready to put in lots of effort. It would be best if you also remembered that a big part of your life is going to be public knowledge. Moreover, you may even be targeted by trolls and other negativity. 

However, your job is to stay focussed and not pay heed to any hatred. Ignore the naysayers and feel motivated by all the love support and encouragement of the people who like your content. Finally, I would like to say that just believe in yourself. You can do it!

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