A Sneak Peak into Content Writing

Writing is like musical notes on a blank sheet of paper. Like music which can be either spontaneous or pre-meditated, writing needs to emerge in a stream from the mind, body and soul of the writer. The role of music doesn’t always pertain to the task of providing a buoyant and sedative effect. It also strives to create noise, to provoke, to evoke and erupt dormant volcanic emotions. Hence, if your tryst with a specific write-up smears the paint of discomfort, then don’t curse the writer but congratulate that she is successful in hitting the bull’s eye.

Content writing has emerged to be a lucrative option for individuals who want to give wings to their dream of writing or for the plain-Jane reason of earning extra bucks. Due to the lack of glamour and prestige concomitant to the job, there is a dominant notion in place that anybody with flair for a language (especially English) can drop into the job and be successful. But to disappoint the critics, it is a highly demanding job, which is based on the foundational principles of creativity, impeccability, desire to learn something new, tenacity and punctuality. I would like to elaborate on each of these attributes distinctly, to shed light on the many facets of the process of becoming adept at content writing.

  • Creativity-If you choose to play safe, then your progress as a content writer remains bleak. You can make even the most blah topic into a page-turner by weaving magic with the magic wand of your creative impulse. Make each topic your own and then give it a makeover like never before.
  • Impeccability-Writing is a lot like making a bouquet. Each flower needs to be precisely selected. There should be the right amount of foliage or else, the entire bouquet will end up being bland. Be devoted to the topic of your write-up, and choose words which concord with the nature, texture and temperament of the theme. Let perfectionism befriend you when you are writing.
  • Desire to learn something new-The hunger to succeed also emanates from the greed to learn something new. So be greedy to tread the unknown path as many a time, you have to write about topics where you are totally clueless!
  • Tenacity– An often underrated trait in every profession, tenacity should tower the priority list of an aspiring content writer. The steadfast resolute to take up responsibility and accomplish the work within the deadline is imperative for a successful content writer. It might happen that you have to attend an important event or appear for an exam. Will you quell under the pressure and take recourse to sad music or will you embrace the challenge like a true-blue fighter? Your choice will determine your potential and prowess as a content writer.
  • Punctuality– Don’t let your boss run after you about your progress with the articles! Hand in your write-up at the stipulated deadline. If you cannot commit to the specified number of articles, then be honest. Your honesty will earn you brownie points, but if you adopt unpunctuality, then don’t complain later when the letter of recommendation doesn’t live upto your expectations!

Make these attributes your motto, and witness your rise as a sought-after content writer!

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