How To Know Whether Or Not You’re On The Right Track Half Way Through Writing?

Being a writer who is halfway through completing his latest writing, you must have wondered if you indeed are an exceptional writer and headed down the right path. 

A lot of factors make a good writer, including his approach, storytelling, and even the ability to take criticism. Congregating a lot of elements creates a writer worthy of accomplishment.

There are a few signs to indicate that you are on the right track. It is never too late to start writing. In this blog, you would realize all the points that point towards you being on the right road.

Signs To Indicate That You Are Traversing The Right Path

It might be difficult for you to understand if you are doing it right when it comes to writing; however, here are some signs that indicate you being on the right path – 

  • Emphasizing on Extraordinary Verbs 

Since the day you started writing in school, you have always been told to make your writing more captivating by inculcating splashy adjectives and adverbs. 

However, it might or might not influence your writing that much from what recent studies have concluded.

Many esteemed writers believe that these parts of speech portray amateur enthusiasm. The professionals emphasize their verbs, which makes them stand apart. 

It is common for beginner writers to include the verbs “to be” and “to have” in their writing repeatedly. This happens when they run out of better words to implement. 

If you want to escalate your writing skills, prioritize your verbs. After creating enough verbs, it’s time to cater to nouns. 

Making use of everyday words gives you clear visual images inside your head. This adds significant gravity to the words that you pen down.

  • Using Subtle Transitions 

Bridges, connectors, or transitions are genuinely the words, phrases, and stylistic devices that aid direct readers through your writing. 

It is common for beginning writers to see them seldom, while professional writers lace their work with such transitions. 

It is important to note that adding a transition can be as easy as including a single word such as and, also, but, also. 

However, adding a transition can also be as tedious to implement as meticulously paraphrasing a quote before you give it. 

It is a common belief of many writers that voguish transitions are one of the hallmarks of professional writing. 

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  • Making Use of Antecedents

An antecedent is a word or phrase that renders meaning to a pronoun. 


A vague pronoun reference happens when there’s no antecedent provided, or when more than one possible antecedent is used. 

Always make it clear what the antecedent is for every pronoun you use.

Beginning writers are often struggling with their antecedents, while professional writers use them with aplomb.

Make sure that all of the antecedents are clear in your writing before finally giving it up for submission. If you are careful with using antecedents, then you most certainly are on the right path to completing a masterpiece.

  • Inculcating Stories in Writing

The human mind yearns for stories and tension. Everyone around you is hardwired to craving to know the ending of a story despite the end being predictable.

writing course

This is one of the reasons why murder mysteries are such a hit in English literature. An esteemed and a proficient speaker would stuff his/her remarks full of stories. 

Stories aren’t just meant for children as the common belief goes. If the stories are amusing enough, adults enjoy them equally, too. Lacing your writing with engaging storytelling indicates that you are on the right track.

  • Exhibiting Exceptional vocabulary and Style

If you are engaged in writing a thesis, your vocabulary and writing style is required to be very different than if you’re writing a blog post. 

This distinction, however, does not make one writing style superior over the other. Being a professional writer, you should create writings that correspond with your storyline and portray style. 

It is advisable never to use contractions in a thesis, but affirmatively when writing for a general audience. 

The use of acronyms is relative, provided your readers are sure to be familiar with them and never if your readers are baffled by them. Always write to please your audience and not yourself first.

It can be a challenging task to know about how to write a screenplay; however, with the right guidance, you can ace the necessary techniques in no time.

  • Abstain From Typos and Errors

Being a professional writer doesn’t imply that your writings would be free of all errors, but instead, it means that you work hard to minimize them down to being almost negligible. 

grammar mistakes

The root cause of this problem lies with the fact that our brains always perceive our written texts to be correct. When proofreading your work, your mind reads what you intended to convey and not what is right.

This conundrum is challenging to overcome; however, there are some workarounds. Try reading the post aloud to yourself to catch more errors or call a friend over to review the column.

However, despite being so careful and intricate while proofreading and editing, mistakes often slip through into the original text.

  • Accepting criticism Gracefully and Correcting Errors Swiftly.

When you show your halfway completed writing to a bunch of people, you are bound to receive criticism, provided the people are honest about it. 

Some people might be too upfront about your errors, and some might hesitate. However, you must never take it the wrong way or consider it as a mean demeanor. 

Instead, embrace all suggestions because their effort would then allow you to correct the error immediately and publish a nicely written text.

Being a professional writer, you must never quibble with edits and realize that there’s something much more precious than your pride and ego, and that is the opportunity to become a proficient writer.

Final Words

With all the signs mentioned above, it is now clear that being a professional writer and traversing down the right path is not about how many copies you published, but a ton of other factors are at play.

You need to understand public opinion, use intellectual words and phrases, and always remember to tell a story.

Being monotonous as a writer can be extremely toxic to your writing as people often crave for tension and unexpected twists.

If you check all the above points, then it is safe to say that you are headed down the right path of being a writer.

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