5 Ways to Write Engaging Content

The importance of Internet, both as a platform and a significant tool for its users has evolved since its creation. ‘Google It’ has become among the most common phrases these days, with the realization of the kind of power and information the Internet can extract at the click of a button. Just like letters are the building blocks of any language, content on world wide web is very crucial.

In simple terms, all resources on the internet are based on content. It is the quality of content which ultimately helps the user decide whether they want to stay on a certain page or not. In this digitally-driven world, it is important to capture the audience’s attention in a short span of time. So, a flair for writing is not the only quality required for creating content; it should be strategically composed and written to keep the reader engaged.

Be it a blogger, business owner or a filmmaker, it is the quality of content generated which will attract users to a particular website. Creating engaging content is no rocket science. Keeping in mind the following steps can help enhance content quality:

1) Before immediately getting down to writing content, first mull over your topic and think about what sort of content would appeal to your target audience. This will help you set the tone for your content. Preferably, speak to your audience directly by using ‘you’ instead of the third person to establish a connection with them.

2) The introduction is the most important part of your content. If the intro is good, half the battle is already won. Ensure that the intro is to the point. The intro should acquaint the audience with your theme, instantly drawing them in.

3) Use sub headings to divide your text into sections. This will help you get your content more organized, also making the text appear visually appealing. Also ensure that your sub headings are precise and specific. Using bullets for listing points is another great idea.

4) The language of your text should be simple, which a layman can easily comprehend. Avoid using heavy words, jargon and long sentences as much as possible. This is because this would distract your audience, compelling them to find pages which are easier to understand.

5) Wherever possible, add links, images, hyperlinks, videos, comment option, like option among others to further supplement the quality of your content. A good web page is the one in which all these components are well balanced.

Though there is no fixed formula for creating engaging content, incorporating these five rules when you’re writing will certainly improve the quality of your text!

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