How can Escape Rooms enhance Corporate Life Skills?

Since the first escape room was introduced to the world, they have made tremendous progress and upgraded at the highest possible pace, creating a whole industry around this formidable idea. They quite literally went from games being inspired by The Saw to an escape room for kids with superheroes and whatnot.

With such upgrades, even technologically, it was no surprise that they started to delve deeper into various other facets of the world, including the workplace. What that means is that, in addition, to escape rooms being created solely for entertainment purposes, they have now upgraded to the point where even corporate workers can get together and have a blast while learning some important skills related to their work. 

Of course, these skills are not particularly industry-specific; at least most of them are not. They add certain skills that are most definitely essential to the growth of the corporation they work for. Whether it be teamwork, communication, synergy, and so many more, they have it all. Companies like, for example offer virtual escape games perfect for groups of any size looking to boost morale, while bonding as a team and having a blast. With all that said, here are a few reasons how escape rooms enhance corporate life skills; for the non-believers out there, this is a definite read. 


As mentioned earlier, escape rooms, especially ones that require multiple people to get together and solve puzzles, require the essence of teamwork. There is no way to solve an entire escape room all by yourself, especially with there being time constraints. Unless you are a genius, you will need the help of your co-workers. 

Just being able to bounce ideas off of one another, all while simultaneously solving puzzles to escape, is the best of teamwork. Providing your thoughts and ideas, formulating strategies, solving clues are all linked to brain use, and that only means that you are getting better. 


Just because you can talk and are a part of a team does not mean that you are perfect. Being a part of a team also requires that you cooperate with your colleagues. Most cooperation problems in the workforce lie within technical jargon, trust, and other semantic barriers. 

To have your teamwork and gel together, you will need a scenario where they have to cooperate, or they lose. That will drive them to pay attention to other people’s suggestions and also enable them to listen, creating perfect coordination and cooperation between them. 

Lateral thinking 

Oftentimes corporate problems are so complex and unimaginable that they require out-of-the-box thinking to solve; this is where escape rooms come in. Not only do escape rooms like breakout escape rooms offer puzzles and challenges that require thinking and teamwork, but also lateral thinking. 

Oftentimes people think that the solution to a simple problem must be simple, but that is far from the truth, especially if you are not totally aware of the other parameters. To avoid a wrong decision, you will need an out-of-the-box, creative thinker to put forth an idea that is undeniably creative and well thought out.  


Funny enough, with enough escape room experiences with limited time constraints, it is possible for workers to understand the importance of time and punctuality. The idea of getting work done before time runs out can be something that workers take for granted. 

But if they play enough escape rooms, not only are they going to be more efficient with work, but also treat punctuality as a challenge rather than a chore. That way, they will be more determined to be on time and get things done on time than be lethargic and procrastinate.  

Logic and reasoning 

Apart from just creative and out-of-the-box thinking, challenges that are presented in most escape rooms can also enable you to think more logically and have good reasoning skills. These challenges and solving these puzzles and clues warrant your full attention and have you think things clearly. 

Think about it, some, if not most, of these puzzles and clues are rather difficult to solve without your complete attention to detail and a good sense of thought. These will enable you to use logic and reasoning to solve them because, in escape rooms, there is no room for excuses. You either get the right answer or die. 

And there you have it; these are some of the most effective ways in which corporate skills are developed through escape rooms. The concept is almost too hard to ignore, especially with corporate-specific escape rooms that are built for the aforementioned skill development. 

It is not always an easy task to get your co-workers to understand or learn basic corporate etiquette, but adding the notion of fun and entertainment is your best bet at getting your employees to work together effectively and efficiently. 

This is true even for students; if you just teach them random educational curriculum raw and manufactured like, they will likely not care and learn the least amount possible. But if you add that element of care and fun into the aspect, like a video game that involves the application of math and formulas, they are more likely to engage and understand better. 


To conclude, escape rooms are a fun, entertaining method to engage your co-workers in learning essential and necessary corporate skills that could, as a result, improve company performance. 

Especially a workplace that involves the mind over the body, enabling your co-workers to think logically, laterally and be able to do that whilst working as a well-oiled team in the dream of any corporation out there. So, if you have employees in a team who are facing any of the above issues, or you just want to give them a fun thing to do while subconsciously having them learn corporate life skills, escape rooms are your solution. 

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