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Do you like games? Well, who doesn’t?! But do you know that pro skills alone won’t be able to give you the fantastic gaming experience you’re craving for? It’s the additional peripherals that can make your gameplay smooth, ecstatic, and help you climb the level ladder quicker. Actually, the right peripherals can help you fully immerse yourself in the game you’re playing, thus, significantly improving your performance. 

No denying, the way of playing games has changed drastically in the past decade, and the world of tech accessories is really huge today. But, we’ve done that heavy lifting for you by narrowing down your choice to seven must-have accessories you may need to create a stellar PC setup and lift up your gaming experience. From gaming headphones to gloves, we’ve got you covered. 

A Gaming Headset

Of course, choosing the right monitor, keyboard, mouse, and, probably, a mouse mat is the most important thing in terms of robustness and overall performance. But when it comes to long-term comfort and deeper immersion, a good gaming headset is key to successful gaming. What you hear while gaming sometimes makes the difference between life and death, especially if we’re speaking about strategic or tactical games such as Dota, War Thunder, or Call of Duty. By the way, for multiplayer or team games like these, you may need a gaming headset with a mic to get the ability to communicate clearly with your peers. Luckily, review includes top gaming headsets of both types. In the said shortlist, you can also find more luxury surround sound gaming headsets with Dolby Headphone technology for convincing virtual sound effects that will let you hear every footstep coming up behind you. As an added bonus, most of these models are PS4 and Xbox One compatible headphones, just in case you sometimes have breaks from PC gaming. And here comes the next gizmo.

A Console Controller

For sure, a console controller can enhance the gaming experience dramatically. Popular brands like the aforementioned PS4 or Xbox One release modern consoles with excellent performance that are often compatible with numerous devices, which means they can be used across other platforms. 

Wi-Fi Router

Not to forget, playing games online requires a really good Internet connection, otherwise even a millisecond lag or drop in speed can give your competitors the advantage. Ideally, you should have your PC connected to your Wi-Fi router via the Ethernet port directly, but if that is not possible or not comfortable in your living situation, you need to rely on a Wi-Fi router with a strong connection that can be placed anywhere in your house.

External Hard Drive

There will never be enough memory! Especially for avid gamers who need enough space for storing tons of games. We all understand that playing as many games as possible can help you improve your gaming performance, and if you don’t want your PC or laptop to be sluggish, get a portable external hard drive. This investment will save you much time and trouble in the long run

Lap Desk With Built-in Fans

A lap desk with fans is another ultra-useful add-on that can help you minimize lags. Not only will you be able to play from any comfortable place in your house (be it the bed or sofa) but you’ll also reduce heating, i.e., lags.

Gamer Gloves

Have you ever heard about gaming gloves? Yes, they exist. However, dissimilar to typical gloves, gaming ones are made of ultra-thin, tight, and comfortable fabric that lets you skyrocket your performance by feeling pad buttons much more effectively and precisely. Such gloves are also usually screen-friendly, meaning they’ll allow you to freely use your phone during games. Plus, if you’re often so concentrated that your hands sweat, gaming gloves will become a magic remedy for this issue too. 

Gaming Glasses

Just like gaming gloves, gaming glasses can do miracles for you. Actually, one of the main dangers of playing computer games for multiple hours in a row is overexposure to blue light. Some scientific reports even say that the blue light can screw up your sleep schedule by fooling your brain and making you think it’s daytime. And if you’re not going to limit your gaming time, only specially designed glasses can reduce your exposure to that blue light – hence, minimize negative effects like eye strain, eye fatigue, and eye dryness. Additionally, such specs will help increase the image quality by regulating the contrast. Better gaming and better eye health!

All that being said, you shouldn’t forget to take breaks. Sometimes, it’s very hard to stop playing, especially when your gaming experience is so enjoyable due to all these nifty accessories we’ve mentioned above. Yet, try not to lose track of time so as to give your eyes some rest. Anyways, even short breaks will help you not to lose focus and interest in the game you’re playing. Fun is fun, but there’s always a job waiting!

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