Millennials and the Mobile Games: The inseparables

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The Millennials love to upgrade themselves with the latest advancements in technology. It is this urge of embracing the latest developments that make them champions when it comes to knowing the length and breadth of everything about mobile phones.

One big reason as to why they are absolutely hooked on to the usage of phones is the presence of online mobile games. The games are available in millions and some of them are even available for free.  So much is the love and craze for online mobile games that they have become part and parcel of the lives of them nowadays. Let us now see in detail the role of online mobile games in the lives of the millennials.

What makes them love mobile games?

In general, the most avid users of online mobile games turn out to be millennials. There is a strong reason behind it too. The superheroes like superman, hulk, iron man, etc., that they see in the online games tend to capture their imagination as they grew up admiring them. So, when they are able to play online games where they can imagine themselves as superheroes and do all the heroics, it is only natural for them to get engrossed in them, isn’t it? So, they hardly mind spending money on downloading the games and playing them. ComScore 2017 U.S. reports that 46% of millennials have spent at least $5 on an app in the past year and incidentally most of those apps turn out to be mobile games. This scenario is no different in India and rest of the world where millennials are hooked to online mobile games. They love to play strategy games like online rummy which they can play at their own comfort and win cash on-the-go. The online gaming industry in India reached higher level since they started to play rummy a lot. Since, most of the digital games are thrilling and adventure driven, the millennials, irrespective of their gender, show immense interest in playing them tirelessly.

Other Reasons that make mobile Games so Attractive

As the millennials frequently change their phones aiming for better models, they are inclined to look for gaming apps which look good to be played on their gadgets. In fact, the delectable features added in most of the mobile games, appear better in certain high-quality phones. “Mobile gaming is undoubtedly on an upswing with every year bringing new trends and changes to the market place”, says Polygon’s video game staff in their state of the industry series. Yes, it is the new trends and changes which have helped in the mind-blowing development of mobile games making its presence felt among people of all ages, especially millennials. Taking advantage of the features in smartphones, they are able to come up with some extraordinary graphics and mechanics enticing millennials in every way possible.

Mobile gaming growth in India:

App Annie, in its latest survey stated that India has around 120 million online mobile gamers and ranks fifth in the world among mobile downloads. It is estimated that on an average minimum 30 minutes is spent by each of them on mobile gaming accounting for over 500 million downloads every month. In fact, as per an article by Shashwati Shankar from ET Bureau, India is expected to surpass Brazil and Russia which are ranked at 3rd and 4th places respectively by 2020. Till a few years back, online gaming companies used to garner bulk of their revenues only through advertisements only. But today, the gaming companies which are dealing with cash based strategy games see an increase in revenues through the players themselves. Forbes has projected the number of users to be 628 million by 2020. Hence, it is quite natural that the players are going to pump in more and more revenues for the online gaming industry. What’s more, with one of the largest millennial population at its disposal in addition to hosting the second largest online population, India is going to soon emerge as the place for the largest mobile gaming population in the world.

Localised online mobile games in India:

Other factors aside, the localisation of mobile games has been one of the main reasons for Indians, especially millennials, to get fascinated by them. The Indians, in general, love playing games like Cricket and card games like Teen Patti and Rummy in addition to games related to Bollywood and Mythology. Since these games are customised to be played on mobiles online, it adds a local flavour to them. In fact, efforts are being made to give an Indianized effect to some of the international games. As a matter of fact, Flixy games got $425,000 seed funding especially for this purpose. Ludo King, one of the popular games localised in India, topped the list with over 50 million installations on Android phones by May 2017. Similarly, the desktop version of Indian Rummy when it was customised to play through apps in Android phones, the number of registrations started exceeding unimaginably. Nasscom reports states that the fascination of online Rummy among Indians can be ascertained from the fact that over 8% of the total games developed are casino-based games including Online Rummy, Teen Patti and Poker. What is clearly seen is the preference of app-based gaming compared to regular mobile games or its desktop version. In fact, popular gaming website RummyCircle saw over 7 million rummy game download and installations showing that players prefer to experience the game on app compared to desktop. So, yes millennials are comfortable with apps and prefer to play on it whenever they want.


It is needless to say that the online mobile games have become the part and parcel of the millennials. Forget about entertainment, it is just the right age for them to try these games because playing them keeps one mentally stable and healthy, sharpens one’s memory and makes one an effective decision maker and problem solver too which will help him/her a successful personality for a very longer period. Millennials are matured enough to know the virtues associated with playing online mobile games and probably that’s the reason why they stay hooked to them.

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