How to Produce Content that Doubles Your Sale?

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What are you seeing right now? Content. What were you seeing before? Content. What were scrolling down on the Facebook feed? Content. What were you scrutinizing closely earlier? Blog, review, article, basically content. So you get the idea that content is the main ingredient of all online forums. Hence a lot of efforts is put into perfecting the content.

As ingredients of a recipe change the taste of the dish, likewise content also has the power to attract or repel viewed. It holds all the control. If you’re more on the unseasoned side of content creation, hiring a content writer is always a viable option. However, it isn’t hard to create custom, effective content that has the potential to double your sales. Keep reading to know how

Research tells that almost 67% of the decision making cycle occurs online. That means before buying a dress, or a laptop for instance, people are looking you up, reading reviews, blogs, descriptions, checking your social media handles. In other words it is the content that is the main factor responsible behind the decision making process of a customer. It can make or break a deal.

No need to dishearten yourself if your content is not up to the standards. There is a systematic approach to handle the content writing part of your company

There are three stages that go into the decision making process whenever a customer views your product or service. Each of the specific stage targets a specific audience and hence each of them require specialized content which, if successful, would lead them to the next stage, the final being the one where a customer is almost satisfied with the stuff and is just a click away from buying it away. These three stages are namely,

Stage 1: The first look

This is the instance where the viewer has just the time to glance the web page that is the first look. The impact of the first page is impressionable on the mind of the viewers. It has to catchy and different from other websites so as to grab the viewer’s attention quickly. This stage has the maximum number of viewers and hence the content should be designed in such a way that it is easily understandable. It doesn’t need to be specific in the details; just a brief outlook is enough – a short description that sparks the interest in the reader to know more about the service or the product.

Stage 2: Interest developed

Here the number viewers decreases because some might not be in need of the service you are providing or some might not be interested and you may have lost them to your competitor. But nevertheless, your content still has the power to keep the viewer’s attention at your page. People reading this content would expect details now. Here you provide complete information about your services considering the mindset of a reader.

Stage 3: The finalists

Only truly interested people will reach till this stage and they will be even lesser in number. But these are the ones who share the same philosophy as that of your company.

If you are able to crack this code then your sales will go through the ceiling!

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