Gaming: The Most Popular Form of Entertainment

Video game

Gaming has been a growing part of our culture since they first appeared. Many wonders, what has caused this increase in popularity over other forms of entertainment such as movies and music.

In the past, games were mostly targeted towards a younger demographic and they were considered mostly a gimmick, a simple leisure activity for kids. This is not the case anymore. Since its inception, the gaming industry has evolved at a rapid pace and no one could have predicted that video games would conquer the entertainment industry as fast as it did.

Are Video Games Art?

The question still remains whether or not video games should be considered an art form. Ever since they became popular,video games where always on the societal margins when it comes to their place in culture, unlike the music and movie industry.

One example of a game series that has had a massive impact on society, especially in Poland is The Witcher Series. These games had gained huge popularity and a massive fan base all over the world. It had such a huge impact on the country that the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk gave a copy of the Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings to US president Barack Obama during his visit. The Witcher games are based on the book series with the same name by author Andrzej Sapkowski based on Polish folklore.

What can be said, is that video games are not just a simple art form, but a combination of science and different forms of artistic expression. It comprises 2D art (drawing and painting), 3D modeling (sculpture), music and sound. Not only that, but it also involves the player to partake in the game environment and allows them to influence gameplay and story outcomes. The same can be said for art. A painter, for example, encourages the viewer to study an image and form his own conclusions of what the image represents without the artist’s help.

Mainstream Gaming

Gaming took to the mainstream with the release of smartphones. The core gaming demographic have shifted from teenagers and young adults to people of all ages. Smartphone gamers are mostly casual gamers. They are people who spend a small part of their time playing video games and find enjoyment in smaller and simple games in which they don’t require investing a lot of time in. 

Smartphones have shown that there is a large demand for mobile games and the number of people playing is still growing. When it comes to mobile phones, online games are the most played type of game,especially online casino games.

Casino brands could see what gaming would become in the future. They were very early in adopting technology and using it to deliver their games to people’s personal computers during the rise of the internet. And now, with the growing usage of smartphones, casino brands are able to deliver a more instant and enjoyable experience through app services.

Social casinos are a growing trend in the mobile market. There is a large number of online games available on any casino website including online poker, roulette, free slots online and many others. The most popular casino related games are, of course,slots.

While gaming is a medium which can help you relax, it also involves a bit of implication on the player’s part. Watching a movie or listening to music is most of the time a passive activity, while video games engage your mind in problem-solving and decision-making activities in the virtual space.

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