Top 3 Affiliate Niches for 2019

Affiliate marketing

Everyone can be an affiliate these days. And they should.

The big question, however – still standing vastly unanswered – is how to become successful in affiliate marketing. A good affiliate marketer will first and foremost get a good knowledge of a field of business he or she is getting into and subsequently perform a market analysis to determine the best niche to go for in order to have a successful, productive and profitable affiliate business.

Classifying the market through affiliate niches is the first step to take in a systematic approach to your affiliate business model. Plans and models in an industry as vibrant as affiliate are constantly changing and you’d be advised to learn more about them every day.

Niches will help identify your own interest and highlight your personal strengths. Choosing the right one to do business with will have little to your own personal preference, however, as you need to switch emotions off and go with the niches that make most sense from the economic point of view.

Heading strong and with a resolute pace into 2019, further below you will find top three affiliate niches that are predicted to maintain (and achieve) a growing trend in the following calendar year.

Obvious Choice: Health & Fitness

Those who want to play it safe can always start their affiliate business by playing safe. Health and fitness are only a few of several markets and niches out there that are evergreen and consistently profitable. Be that as it may, understanding the deepest nuances of these niches is the only way to get the best out of them in terms of affiliate.

Health and fitness are too broad of subjects to be taken too lightly. Throw in Romance into the mix and you’ll have a holy trinity of affiliate niches that you can get juice of – but only if you know how to!

Narrowing them down is a great way to do so and we’ll take health to best describe it. This particular market includes various niches such as weight loss, staying fit, quitting smoking/drinking or diets to name the few. You only need to expand your view and the endless horizon will present itself before you. A report from is reporting that over $322 billion is being spent in America on treatment and health care costs every year.

More than 30 million American with diabetes and companies appealing to their needs and requirements would surely appreciate any help from an affiliate.

Profitable Pick: iGaming

Gaming is a concept that has existed for centuries but it’s also a niche that is currently in rapid expansion. A booming trend in this market has plenty to do with technology and unstoppable progress this industry is making every year.

This is where iGaming in all its glory takes the stage. Whether you’re talking about sports betting online, the emergence of e-Sports or good-old casino industry which – in its own merit – is rapidly increasing, iGaming affiliate potential is huge.

A fine example of how online casino niche can be used in affiliate marketing purposes is website called which compares and reviews online gaming sites for different games and market. On a site like this you will not only find reviews and comparisons but also latest updates from the online gaming industry and strategy guides which in their diversity also serve to illustrate a vast potential iGaming can have in the affiliate business.

Furthermore, a sheer notion that gambling industry is predicted to reach the $59.79 billion by 2020 is enough to make your eyes pop out. The upcoming trends in iGaming serve as a great proof of bright future for any affiliate marketer who dares enter the unknown (and insufficiently explored) as well. Growth of Virtual Reality (VR) and its expansion into everyday life is set to become more pronounced in 2019 so cue the business perspective in there.

Hidden Gem: Luxury Lifestyle

Often overlooked by affiliate marketers and those who want to become ones, luxury lifestyle does indeed attract a narrow audience. The thing marketers tend to forget is, however, the fact that people who indulge themselves in expensive hobbies are by definition people who have more money to spend.

Anything starting from travelling around the globe and visiting the most luxurious locations or practicing sailing, golf or skiing tend to demand a lot of money and tapping into these niches can often be very prolific.

We like to use numbers to support our claims and with the fact golf has become an $84 billion industry speaks volume of the overall potential of the sport. Avid sport enthusiasts will forever keep buying golf gear and equipment and appealing to what wealthy men with expensive hobbies makes happy can also start making happy a prospective affiliate marketer as well, right?

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