How to Make People Notice Your Facebook Ads

Facebook ads

We bring to you a great formula to create the best Facebook ads for your business. Read along these following three points to find out more:

  • The first thing to do is to do something to stop your audience from scrolling down further. Facebook provides this great opportunity of auto-playing the video, along with its audio, but as much easily you grab attention, it is that much easier to lose your viewers’ attention. So therefore it is very important to make those first 10 seconds worth their time, so that they watch the entire ad instead of scrolling right past it. Now there are some interesting things you could do to stop the scroll. Make sure the video uses a lot of hand motions, bright colors and appealing music. This is exactly similar to a store manager trying to pull in the passers-by. While you keep your ad simple, but make sure it is not at all subtle and is bold enough to leave a lasting impression. You may also want to add subtitles, that way people who cannot turn on the sound can also view the ad and see the message. Interrupt the pattern, you can make a selfies video or break up a picture to make it look unusual.
  • Now, the next strategy you can employ is to employ the method of educate, demonstrate, inform or entertain. You can try to give some tips through a presentation of some sort or demonstrate how your product works (this can work especially for a tech company) or inform your viewers about something they may not have heard before (some facts or theories) or pitch your product through an interesting trend that is the latest on the social media (a meme maybe).
  • Now once you have your viewers’ attention, you’ve built up enough interest; you now need to be able to point out to them about what to do next. Whether you want them to mark their dates regarding a sale, or whether you want them subscribe to your YouTube channel. There is no point having a good 4-5 minutes video, but the call to action doesn’t come until the end 10-20 seconds of the video. People may get bored, and move on. So, you should be able to introduce the well laid-out plan for your audience, and be authentic about it. Don’t distract them by giving out unnecessary information that is not important at that very moment in the video.
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