Social Media Marketing Tips: What Is The Best Time To Run Ads On Facebook?

Social media is a great way to boost your brand’s traffic and exposure. It can also help you generate leads, improve sales, and gain loyal customers. This is the reason why social media marketing is still one of the best techniques that business owners should include to their marketing strategies.

One of the most popular social media platforms is Facebook. It’s considered as the king of all social media channels, no wonder it is the number one choice of many marketers.

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If you haven’t considered advertising on Facebook, you should start now. Why?  Facebook ads can help your business grow by allowing you to reach a wider audience and gain more potential customers.

But, the question is, what is the best time to run ads on Facebook?  Well, it actually varies from one business to another. If you think it’s the same as posting personal updates, better think twice. Ads are different since they can be seen by everybody on Facebook, whether or not those people have liked your page.

For you to determine when to run and how to make people notice your Facebook ads, you should understand your business down to the minutest details, your customers, as well as the industry to which you belong.

Things To Remember When Determining The Best Time To Run Ads On Facebook

First, You Need To Realize That Your Business Is Unique

The best time to run Facebook ads vary from one business to another as each one has a different target audience. Remember that your business is unique, and so are your customers. You may know lots of customers, but do you know when they typically use Facebook?  Aside from that, you have to know when they’re most likely to notice your ads on Facebook.

When determining the best time for your business to run ads on Facebook, you need to keep track of the engagement rate of your first ads. Check the time when your target customers are interacting with your ads. Then, gather more information on what your audience prefers in terms of ad content. Such details can help you have an idea on the best time to run Facebook ads.

If you still can’t determine the best time for you to run ads on Facebook, there are some guidelines you may consider. According to Hootsuite, the best time during Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday is between 12pm and 3pm. For some reason, Tuesday is a bit behind when it comes to Facebook engagement during weekdays, according to a social media expert on the same site. For weekends, since more people are busy with their personal activities, the best time to run Facebook ads is between 12pm and 1pm. 

Get Hints From Your Posts

It often makes sense that the times when your customers interact with your posts are the times when your ads get the best response rate. If you want to know this information, Facebook got you covered. You may check the Insights section of your page. This will help you determine which posts or ads have received the most engagement. 

Facebook Insights basically provides you with information about the people who are connected to your business page and the people who are on Facebook, enabling you to create more applicable content and find more people like the ones in your existing audience. As a business owner, it is beneficial to come up with ads based on what your audience prefers.

Make Your Own Ad Schedule

The best starting point is making your own ad set for weekdays, and a separate one for the weekends. After running your ads for several weeks, determine which campaigns best achieved the results you’re after. If most conversions happened during the weekends, but there was an increased competition during this time period that can double the conversions cost, you’ll have to decide whether to get more numbers or lessen your cost.

No matter what days your ads perform best, the next thing you should do is to make new ad sets throughout the day. For instance, for weekdays, you can consider 7am to 9am, 9am to 5pm, and so on. You may even add time for lunch breaks, like 12pm to 2pm.

If, for example, you only see good results during Tuesdays, you can add the schedule for lunch breaks on this day only.

Know The Right Timing

Once you’ve found out when your ads do best, consider changing the content of your ads to acknowledge the time of the week or day. For instance, if you run ads before lunch time, why not create an ad copy that will help your audience decide what or where to eat?  If you are going to post ads before midnight, your ad copy may include topics on how to sleep better or things your audience can do when they can’t sleep.

Ad Relevance

If the ads you are running on Facebook attract more clicks, Facebook can recognize how relevant all of your ads are. With this, it’s not impossible to get your desired number of clicks, providing you the best value for your investment on Facebook advertising. 

In other words, it will not just give your ads the most clicks, but you can also enjoy savings on Facebook advertising since you don’t have to pay for more ads just to get the number of clicks you desire. Take note, advertising on Facebook can also be expensive, especially if you keep spending on ads that don’t get results. 

Other Things to Note

If your ad campaign is nationwide and your country has different time zones, you might like to add some hours to the schedule to cover every region. If you’re choosing several hours on particular days, opt for Lifetime Budget instead of Daily Budget to ensure that your ads will be shown as frequently as possible.

Furthermore, never ignore the commuting times of your target audience. The reason behind it is that more people who use public transportation have lots of time to use all of their social media accounts, including Facebook. This can be the best time for them to see your ads on Facebook.


There is no perfect formula when it comes to determining the best time to run ads on Facebook. What you should do as a business owner is to keep your target audience’s needs in mind. If you will post ads that won’t make any sense for your audience, you will just waste your time and money. 

So, if possible, experiment with the best time that works for your Facebook ads through ad scheduling, getting hints from your posts, and creating quality ad content suited for your target audience. 

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