How to Boost Your Business Using Video Marketing

Video marketing is fast becoming the go-to method for marketers who are looking to boost business sales. You can see by the popularity of Facebook and the amount of video content posted on the site just how high the demand is for video. While marketers are not neglecting all other channels such as email, podcast, downloadable eBooks, pdfs, etc. the use of video is increasing every second.

Did you know that a staggering 300 hours of video are uploaded onto YouTube every minute? It isn’t just videos for business sales that are being uploaded onto YouTube; a whole range of YouTube stars have emerged, such as the gamers who film themselves playing Minecraft and rack up millions of viewers. Successful examples of this are PewDiePie and Markiplier. Due to the popularity of these videos, they are then able to make a good amount of money through people paying them to display ads on their videos.

Video is perfect for instructional videos and also great for promoting the services of a business. In a short 30 second video, you can get so much vital information about your services and products across much better than you can when using any other marketing channel. People become disengaged and bored with text-heavy content and images can only go so far in terms of conveying information.

Using different types of video content offers a fresher, more engaging way to communicate with potential customers. Nobody wants to go to a website and have to spend several minutes scrolling through text; they want to get what they need quickly… and that is where video comes in.

There are also many different ways to create videos, from the standard ‘talking head’ type recordings to animated PowerPoint presentations that can be saved in video format. Marketers tend to use ‘talking head’ videos to provide content like customer testimonials because it makes the content sound more convincing and genuine. Animated graphics are an effective way to convey how great your products are.

People choose to watch videos over other forms of content for a good reason – that reason being because it is easier to consume and more enjoyable than other content formats. However, people also consume content in written format; either they prefer it that way or have disabilities, and written content is required. To make a fast transition, you can transcribe a youtube video and upload the transcript on your website. People also like to comment on and share videos that they enjoy and the more that this happens, the higher the video will rank on YouTube. Due to this, marketers are increasingly putting efforts into generating more comments.

This can consist of the marketing team starting discussions themselves, or they consult with the services of experts like Social Media Daily. Did you know that you can also buy comments for your YouTube video? This is becoming a popular method of attaining a higher ranking in the search results on YouTube. Buying comments can give you a significant marketing boost and result in much higher conversion rates. Some people can be wary of paying for services, but if you get just a small percentage of extra sales through then, it can be money well spent.

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