Considering Better Options For Productivity In Your Company? Consider This…

Managing a business probably has never been paired in a sentence with easy, but many manage to do it. Increasing productivity is a common goal, no matter the niche one chooses. For employees and business owners alike, productivity should be an extremely imperative topic that should be discussed at meetings and constantly thought of throughout the workday.

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2104 productivity had decreased by 1.8%. More businesses are now taking notice and taking the steps necessary to get back on pace.

So, get prepared and be ready for a more productive work day.

For The Business Owner


In any good relationship, communication is the key to maintaining sustainability. That goes for any kind of relationship. With this in mind, communication amongst your employees is essential. Only 7% of employees can say they understand their employer’s business goals. Helping make your business’s goals clear to your employees can help everybody work as a team better.

-Keep Your Employees Happy

This may seem simple enough, but many business owners may not know of issues their employees may be having. This is also where communicating comes in hand, and many times problems stem from the basics. To make your life and your employees lives easier try using more efficient clock in clock out program to keep track of employees and get them their compensation on time. With Clockspot you can cut costs and finish payroll in only minutes, all while being able to keep track of your employees (including remote workers) on your smart device.


One of the common issues for many entrepreneurs is doing overworking themselves. Many business models require extensive work, and owners may find themselves pulling 14 or more hours a day. What’s the point of success without your overall health? Many people call themselves eating when they have only grabbed a bag of chips for the day. Strive to eat healthier and take short breaks. Make goals more reachable in a day by making them smaller, achieving your bigger goal one step at a time. This goes for business owners and employees alike.

-Hold Brief Meetings

Ask anyone, business meetings can be a drag, so don’t drag them on if it’s not necessary. Start by trying to cut regular business meetings in half or have the meeting standing up. Sitting in one place can make anybody sluggish.

  • In these meetings employees should be recognized and rewarded for excellent work. It can give employees more of a reason to look forward to these meetings and can increase productivity greatly.
  • Cutting down the amount of people at meetings can also increase productivity. The conversation can come to a solution quicker and the point can be reached.

For The Employee

-Avoiding Distractions

It can be easy to get distracted during work, especially nowadays. Portable devices from your smartphone to your tablet can allow you to easily find out what your friends are doing via social media. Or you may be preoccupied with an upcoming  life event such as a wedding, which makes you more concerned about  the status of your custom bridesmaid dresses by Azazie than  the task at hand. It’s best to focus on work.

-Getting Ready The Night Before

Finally thank your past self and prepare yourself for the next workday the night before. That can mean preparing your outfit and checking the forecast for the next day. Without rushing you can ease the stress in the morning.

-Organized Work Level

This is a common misconception when it comes to tackling tasks: getting the easy tasks out the way to get to the difficult. This isn’t exactly true. Start with the more difficult tasks as they will require more energy. By the time you complete them, you may be tired but the last tasks are easier.

Here’s The Proposal…

You get up in the morning for a reason, make the most of it. If the business succeeds, the employees succeed, it goes hand in hand. Google took the notion seriously by introducing sleeping pods for their employees, as a restful nap can recharge any person and keep work flowing effectively. Take the best steps towards success by increasing your productivity.

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