Making Every Second Count: 5 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity and Maximize Company Time

As a business owner, efficiency is critical. Knowing how to track and prioritize your resources can make or break your productivity, especially if you’re mismanaging your time—arguably the most essential resource. Time is a finite resource, and once it is gone, it never comes back. That’s why it is vital to focus efforts on the business activities that will provide the highest return on time.

Excessive time wasted within a business leads to money loss and development delays, and eventual extinction if not dealt with properly. It’s no surprise then to see why companies invest in numerous resources to track employee productivity. Many successful enterprises measure time well spent by identifying benchmarks, pinpointing slow processes, and following project management closely. By having a firm outline of expected goals and tracking employee progress, you can pin down lulls and address them head-on.

Increase productivty

Any successful company will prioritize productivity, fostering behaviors that lead to streamlined business processes. By defining goals, providing growth opportunities, and enabling work-life balance, you can get the best ROI for your time. If you’re looking for tried-and-true solutions to increase productivity, read on for five ways to maximize your company’s time. 

Opt for mobile notaries

Notary services are critical for businesses who need to verify signature authenticity in various documents, from legal transactions to asset transfer. However, traditional notary publics with remote offices can cause headaches for businesses that need quick authorizations.

Luckily corporations can take advantage of mobile notary services from reputable firms like and Superior Notary Services to save time and help your business be more efficient. These services travel directly to your on-site location to provide authorizations so you can progress without delay.

Traditional notaries may disrupt day-to-day activities, inconvenience employees and clients, and delay deals, leading to dropped clientele. Instead of rushing around and rescheduling meeting after meeting, opt for mobile services that come where and when you need them. 

Give your employees the right technology

Your business can get the most out of limited time by investing in the right cloud computing technologies and mobile services. New-and-improved technologies can make significant differences in managing your workforce and how the world perceives your company. By implementing a cloud system, you can share documentation with the click of a button, and mobile services allow you access on the go.

Delegate to grow the business

Delegating can be a challenging undertaking for entrepreneurs with do-it-yourself attitudes. While it’s normal to feel a sense of control and concern running necessary business functions, micro-managing and taking on unnecessary tasks can lead to decreased productivity and lost time. 

Instead, consider delegating specific responsibilities to the employees you trust, allowing them to flourish and prove their worth in company matters. That way, you’ll find trustworthy staff who can take on various responsibilities, taking some weight off your shoulders. 

Embrace effective communication

Every successful business owner appreciates the role of effective communication in building a productive workforce. If your team’s communication is lacking, it may be time to implement tried-and-true productivity boosters. Social apps like Slack streamline efforts, allowing employees and employers alike to communicate quickly and efficiently. In addition, encourage your employees to initiate face-to-face conversations and engage in frequent check-in meetings to better understand concerns and keep track of day-to-day productivity. 

Incentivize your team properly

Incentivizing your team to use their time wisely and aim for excellence is proven to increase productivity. Applauding your employees for every milestone they achieve and making them feel appreciated encourages them to continue working hard and stay focused.

However, you must ensure that the incentives meet the targeted needs and preferences of your team. Here’s a list of well-loved incentive programs that can help streamline business functions: 

  • Bonuses/pay increase
  • Additional paid time off
  • Taking them out for a meal
  • Sending handwritten congratulation notes
  • Award lazy Monday coupons
  • Try a workplace wellness program

Telecommuting could come in handy

Remote work is becoming increasingly popular, and more employees feel inclined to work hard when in the comfort of their own homes. Studies show employees who work remotely are 15% more productive than their counterparts who work in office settings. Telecommuting efforts have streamlined communications efforts as staff begins taking advantage of remote work. 

The bottom line

In the end, streamlining employee productivity starts with effective managing strategies. By engaging with your staff, implementing incentive programs, and giving them access to necessary resources, you can make the most out of every second, maximizing company time.  

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