How Can You Make Your Data Transfer and Work Smooth on MacBook?

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Not long ago, when the global franchise in the digital industry announced its latest MacBook Pro, the world along with the tech experts was surprised and filled with joy and for a very justified reason. The authorities from Apple while unveiling the specifications of the device told that the laptop will come with USB type C port for powering and data transfer. This is when people and Apple users started digging deeper into the details regarding the USB type-C port and how it can make their lives easier when working on their laptops.

What Is USB Type-C?

The latest version of the USB connector available for devices that are sleek and thin in their design is the type-C USB connector. Ever since it has been launched, the connector has received a lot of positive acclaims and most of the MacBook users are quite hopeful that the future of USB type-C will keep on setting benchmarks in the PC industry. Not only it has laid down standards for other USB cables, but its flexibility and smooth data transfer makes it far better than any previous USB port or cable.

Here are some of the features of the new type-C USB connector that you should know in case you are thinking of buying the new MacBook:

  • The latest USB connector, USB type-C has twenty-four pins and is double-sided.
  • Due to its reversible nature, you do not have to waste your time while finding out the right end to plug in or fiddle with it in between a business presentation when your laptop is running low on battery. Given its double end feature, you can now easily plug in the connector with the best USB-C hub for MacBook.
  • Speaking of other standards and appearance, USB type-C is not much different in looks compared to the former version of the USBs, but there is indeed a huge modification and betterment in its standards.

Additional Benefits of Using Type-C for MacBook

In contrast to its previous USB counterparts such as the type-B and type-A USB connector, the type-C is just the right thing that has happened to the USB standards. The specifications of the latest USB type-C connector laid down by tech experts make it the best solution to almost every connectivity issue that MacBook users faced before. Here are two of the main advantages that have grabbed a lot of attention:

  • Similar Connector for Peripheral or Device and Host: Earlier, the type-B connectors were used for connecting the peripherals and the type-A USB was availed for the host computer. With USB type-C port, there is no need of using different connectors since the latest USB connectors come with a support for both peripherals or devices, as well as, for the host.
  • Fast Charging and Data Transfer: Perhaps the biggest reason why USB type-C has gained this amount of attention in the tech industry, owing to its capability of allowing fast-charging of devices along with the data transfer facility. The battery charging specification of the type-C USB connector has laid down standards in the area of power delivery. Given its Power Delivery feature, you can now use a type-C hub for charging and data transfer to peripherals and devices.


With Apple opening its gates for the type-C USB specification, it can be formulated that other computer manufacturers will try to offer the same feature on their computers. Considered to be a standard in both power delivery and lightning fast data transfer, the USB type-C is the biggest reason to go for MacBook Pro.


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