Online Gambling Business You Can Start From Home

Online casinos are popular because the platforms offer a better alternative to land-based/offline casinos. You can now play your favorite casino games online and make money from them.

Yet, starting an online casino is not the only way to make money. The Interactive Gaming (iGaming) market is so broad that you can monetize different aspects of the market.

Our guide inspires you with the ideas of the additional revenue streams that you can consider as far as online gambling is concerned.

1. Establish an Online Casino

This remains the most popular option. Consider setting up an online casino where punters can wager on different casino games and make money when their bets are accurate.

Your best bet is to work with an online casino software provider who will design and supply your casino platform with a wide selection of games.

It would be great if the casino provider offers turnkey casino integration. The concept empowers you to be in full control of the casino software. You can make important modifications when need be.

2. Create Mobile Gaming Applications

Just like online casinos, gaming applications allow players to play different kinds of games on the go. This is a market opportunity begging to be grabbed. You can start developing games for different types of mobile devices, including smartphones.

What You Need to Develop Mobile Gaming Apps

Before starting this business, you need to have a programming background. This is important because some of the mobile game content needs to be programmed or coded for them to work as expected.

3. Become a Tipster

Casino operators are not the only ones making a living from the Interactive Gaming (iGaming) industry. Tipsters also make money if they know how to go about it.

A Tipster is someone who gives betting tips, including giving clues on the best odds to use when wagering on a casino game.

This is a profitable stay-at-home business because you can start offering your tipster services from the comfort of your home.

We must mention that becoming a tipster requires a mastery of the online gambling market. You wouldn’t want to give betting tips that will cause the punters to lose money instead of making profits from their wagers.

How to Succeed as a Tipster

Your success as a Tipster depends on the following factors:

  • You must be good at both gambling, as well as studying the market to get the best tips.
  • It would do you a world of good if you have a proven track record of delivering a higher win rate.
  • Consider using different marketing approaches to get the word out about what you do.
  • Only charge a small fee for a start and increase it as your clients make more money from your tips.

4. Open a Video Game Room

Consider opening a video game parlor or room. This is more of having a land-based casino, only that you are starting on a small scale.

How to Set up Your Video Game Parlor

These are the steps to take to set up your video game parlor and start making profits from it:

  • Establish the parlor in a location that is dominated by casino game lovers.
  • Install power gaming machines.
  • Ensure that their stable Internet connection that makes it easier to broadcast or transmit the actions over the Internet.
  • The parlor should be spacious to accommodate as many players as possible.
  • It would be an excellent business strategy to create tournaments to trigger the active participation of most of the players.

5. Set up a Video Skin Marketplace

Video skins can provide you with consistent revenue if you know how to go about it. You may not need to break a bank to start this online gambling business from home. Your major step is to put up the video skins you already have for sale.

Thereafter, consider setting up a website where a wide selection of video skins can be traded for money. The idea is to set up a marketplace where a variety of video skins can be bought and sold.

How to Run the Video Skin Marketplace

There are lots of options to explore when looking to make money from a video skin marketplace.

These are some of them:

  • Purchase video skins from other players at a lower cost and sell them to other players at a higher price to make profits.
  • Trade the video skins you already have for cash.
  • Consider making the video skin marketplace a P2P website where the players can buy and sell their video skins directly. At the end of the day, you will generate revenue from the commissions they paid for the transactions.


You don’t necessarily need to establish an online casino or betting platform before you can make money from the Interactive Gaming (iGaming) market. Asides from the tips we just shared, you can also start a casino review website and make money from reviewing the games offered by many casino operators.

In all, the iGaming market is huge. Choose any of the alternative revenue sources and go all in to make consistent income.

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