How to Make Money With Binary Option Trading


Binary options trading has been gaining momentum over the years as the newest financial trading instrument. Its ease of use and high returns makes it the most preferred option by many. It allows you to speculate on how financial assets will perform, and since it offers only two outcome options, you either win or lose. When it was first introduced, many dived in headfirst and made huge losses. From their bad experience, many warn against it and even refer to it as a scam. Only a tiny percentage of investors have been lucky enough to understand the twists and turns of this market. This has helped them go a notch higher. They are keen to follow a sound trading plan, which helps reduce risks and create a consistent profit. If you want to get counted among those who can churn out profits, below is a guide on how to go about trading.

1)  Use Legit Brokers

Before trading, you are required by law to get a regulated account. The account allows you to make deposits and contracts on assets you plan to trade on. However, the safest way to trade is by using online brokers who act as what is known as the bucket shop. With many US binary options brokers in the market, ensure you only go for those who are legit and trustworthy. Take your time and compare offers from different brokers to ensure you get the most out of your account. As a beginner, consider accounts that offer demo accounts and education support as they help you learn the ropes before investing. Read the terms and conditions put in place for payouts and deposits to avoid getting roped in a web you cannot break out of soon enough.

2) Choose the Right Assets

To ensure you can maintain consistent profits, you need to trade in high liquidity and volatile assets. These assets allow for price movement creating ups and downs. They also have an increased risk and, in turn, high returns. Brokers are allowed to trade in over 100 assets that you can choose from and make calls. The most common assets include forex pairs, oil, gold, and stock indices. These popular assets are ideal for a newbie as you probably have a rough idea of how they trade. As a trader, you are also allowed to set your assets. Before settling for an asset, check its expiry duration. Some take only a few seconds, while others take a year to expire. However, some allow you to set the expiration time.

3)  Have A Trading Plan

Before trading, you need a sound trading plan. The plan helps you mitigate risks and increase the potential for profitability. Get the right technical and educational support as it enables you to make a sound judgment before each contract. Also, learn the type of trade you want to settle for. The most common is the up-down method of trading, where you can speculate whether the asset value will rise or fall. You can also call on an asset’s ability to touch its ceiling or base during your contract. You also can diversify your investments to reduce your losses and increase your chances of making more.

4)  Stay Informed

The internet is a hub of information, and you are likely to find precisely what you are looking for. It provides you with a list of credible brokers and helps you compare their offers in a matter of minutes. It also offers advice on how to trade, and implementing these tidbits will help improve your winning streaks. Get tips, economic news, and data from your device apps, news, newspapers, and social media, as this helps you make better and well-informed decisions. Make use of candlestick charts as they can help you study the price trend and make predictions.

5)  Use Robots and Signals

Since you are working with volatile assets, you need to stay on top of things at all times. Get software and apps that alert you when the market changes or is expected to change. The robots help you trade automatically whenever an opportunity arises. This enables you to take advantage of the short trading window when you are unavailable. For them to achieve this, you need to have preset preferences. Due to the time differences across the globe, signals notify you of the best time to call for each asset helping you capitalize on your returns.

6)  Invest Wisely

Binary trading offers a fixed payout option that helps you predict your profit or loss. However, the payout percentages differ from one broker to another and from one asset to another. Based on this, you can make sound investment decisions. Do not invest in mortgages and savings since the risk is as high as the payouts. Additionally, start small, and once you become experienced, you can increase your stake.

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