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Casino Pilot Canada is an independent review site run by a group of casino experts and dedicated gambling enthusiasts. The site was set up with the clear aim of providing informative and unbiased guides on all things casino related. Within the pages of site, Canadian players can find in-depth casino reviews, recommendations, advice, and helpful tips and tricks that will help to enhance their online casino experience.


As far as tech start-ups go, Casino Pilot Canada is a notable example of how to turn a niche concept into a thriving business. In this article, we’re going to lift the lid of the Casino Pilot business model and discover how and why they’ve managed to create such a successful brand in a relatively short amount of time. 

Casino Pilot Business Model

The team of savvy entrepreneurs behind the Casino Pilot brand chose affiliate marketing as their business model of choice. Affiliate marketing, it must be said, is not for the faint of heart. To make this business model work takes determination, manpower, and most importantly, passion. If you’re not passionate about the industry you’re working within, it’s almost impossible to gain a large audience, and a large and loyal audience is crucial to an affiliate marketer’s success. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is actually a fairly simple concept: a business of any kind pays a commission to an affiliate marketing whenever said marketer generates a referral to the business in question. In the case of Casino Pilot, we’re talking casinos. Casino Pilot reviews and recommends certain casinos, and if a player signs up to one of those casinos after reading a Casino Pilot review, Casino Pilot gets paid a commission based on pre-negotiated deal. 

Is it Legit?

Now before you go jumping the gun, it doesn’t mean that Casino Pilot is getting paid to write glowing reviews about every casino that offers to pay them to do so. In fact, Casino Pilot have to tread very carefully when it comes to how these deals are managed. An affiliate marketer only gets paid if their consumers make a meaningful connection with the casino that they’re working alongside. However, if Casino Pilot were to simply write rave reviews about every casino that they came across, they would very quickly lose the trust of their consumer base because not every casino is a good casino. If a Casino Pilot review leads an unsuspecting player into the folds of an unscrupulous casino, Casino Pilot would lose credibility. In this game, credibility is everything.

How Does it Work?

The process of partnering with a casino and then producing high-quality content around said casino is not complicated, but it takes an experienced and steady hand to make it work. Casino Pilot’s affiliate department are responsible for negotiating deals with gambling operators, and once a deal is struck, the ball is then passed to the content department. This is where the magic happens.

The content department is made up of an eclectic team of industry insiders, all of whom are passionate and knowledgeable about their own specific area of expertise. Casino Pilot not only offer their readers casino reviews, but they also offer detailed information on other casino related topics, such as payment providers, mobile casinos, casino bonuses, live casino games, and slot games. Articles on any of these topics can generate leads for specific casino brands through well placed promos or bonus codes. 

The Money Maker

Casino reviews are the affiliates bread and butter. Players need to know that the casino site they choose to play at is not only licenced and regulated, but also well-managed and easy to navigate. When the affiliate department strike a deal with a casino brand, the content department’s job is to go over said casino’s platform with a fine-tooth comb in order to provide a thorough and unbiased review for Casino Pilot’s readership. 

The more views a review can garner, the more chances of converting readers into fully-fledged casino members, and subsequently earning a commission from the conversion. Players will often be offered a specific bonus if they sign up to a casino via their site – usually in the form of free spins. 

Why Do Canadian Players Trust Casino Pilot?

Casino Pilot have built their business model on a player-centric foundation. In other words, they put the interests of the players before the interests of the casino. This may seem counterintuitive – it’s the casino paying the commission, after all – but it’s actually a clever move. While the casino may, in fact, be paying the bills so to speak, it is the players who truly make the whole system work. Without happy players, this business model would crumble to dust at an alarming rate. 

What Casino Pilot clearly understand is that word spreads like wildfire. If a review site is peddling dishonest reviews in order to make a quick buck, it won’t be long before a player ends up signing up to a dodgy casino based on a recommendation from the review site. If this happens, the player in question will no doubt feel the need to share this news with other players. The review site would very quickly start to lose their trust rating.

Casino Pilot run a tight ship when it comes to honesty and integrity. If a casino doesn’t pass the review stage with flying colours, then said casino will not get a glowing review. If a bonus looks better than it actually is, Casino Pilot lets their readers know about the small print that’s there to trip them up. If the game library is made up of low-quality games from unproven software providers, Casino Pilot will make that fact noticeably clear. And if a casino deserves to be blacklisted, Casino Pilot will not recommend said casino to their readers.

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