How to Stop the Temptation of Checking your Work Emails in your Free Time

If you’re a dedicated entrepreneur, you probably find it hard to switch off after a long day at work. In fact, you might not even have a certain time that you regularly clock off from your career and then switch to relaxing in the evening. One of the biggest problems in 2021 is there often doesn’t feel like there’s any escape from work. Thanks to smartphones, you can now access your work emails within just a couple of seconds. As our smartphones are normally constantly in our pockets, the temptation is always there to check whether you’ve received an important email that you might feel needs replying to straight away. While work is important, it’s even more important that make sure that you leave your free time free for socializing, relaxing, and just having a bit of fun. Here are some of the ways you can try and stop the temptation of checking your work emails in your free time.

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Find an exciting game to play on your smartphone

One of the best ways to avoid the temptation of checking your emails on your smartphone is to find something else to do on your smartphone instead. A great way to escape the pressures and stresses of the workday is to play a game on your smartphone. One of the best types of games to add a bit of excitement to your evenings is a casino game. Since most entrepreneurs dream of being rich enough to frequent the world’s most luxurious casinos, what better way to get some practice in by playing on your smartphone. Find a website, like, that offers a wide range of different games. There are so many different themed games you’ll be sure to find one that’s suitable for you, whether you want a serious game or a little bit of fun with some silly humorous animations to make you laugh. 

Speak to your loved ones on a screen

Another great way of reducing the temptation of checking your emails is to fill your smartphone screen with the face of a loved one. If there is a friend or family member that you feel like you’ve been too busy to catch up with recently, why not invite them to join you on a video conferencing call. Whether it’s via Facetime, Zoom, or Skype, it’s more than likely that your friends or family will already have one of these apps downloaded to their phone. As you want to give them your full attention, it’d simply feel rude to check your emails mid-conversation. 

Put your phone in a drawer

If the temptation to look at your phone is still too strong, why not simply take the temptation out of your pocket. Set a time where you place your phone away in a drawer for the day and do something else. This change could even help you sleep better, as the light given off by a smartphone screen has been scientifically proven to keep people awake for longer when they’re trying to get to sleep.