Slot Games in Online Casinos That’ll Make You Feel Like in Land-Based Bookmakers

Many bettors who did not pay so much attention to online casinos before have now tried their luck in them because of the overall situation that has befallen the whole world regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, we have decided to mention to you which slot casino games are kind of unusual and which you could try to play (if you have not already). You will quickly realize why we chose exactly these games as unusual. And yes, while you are playing them, you will feel like you are actually sitting in your favorite bookmaker (for those who are nostalgic for going to land-based betting shops).


Each of the games we are writing about today and to which we have decided to pay attention has proven in practice that it brings some great winnings. Also, each of them proved that fun is guaranteed without the bettors having to leave the comfort of their room. Surely, everyone is attracted by the possibility that they do not have to get out of the warmth of their home and that they can have fun at a game, which will further remind them of the bookmaker they used to go in and give them a feeling as if they are in one of them.

Lucky Betting Shop

Lucky Betting Shop is the first slot found in our article on unusual casino games. This game will really transfer the atmosphere of your favorite bookmaker to the online world, which you will notice very quickly. Immediately after its inception, the game began to surprise players with various online casino winnings, which are, frankly, truly amazing. Therefore, Lucky Betting Shop has achieved great popularity in a very short period of time, and the most deserved for the appearance of the game is the manufacturer of online casino games, Expanse Studios.

Speaking of this particular manufacturer, we must say that lately, it has dedicated itself to games where it obviously has the great inspiration to transfer the land-based bookmaker to the online sphere. And in the continuation of our text, we will write about one more game coming from the same manufacturer. We believe that you will agree with us that its inspiration was successfully turned into reality the moment you get into the game, which you may not have tried yet, in more detail.

Playing this game, you will have symbols of the least value, classic card symbols, a group of cheering people, operators employed in the casino… There is also a terminal for independent ticket printing, as well as two TVs, one on which sports broadcasts are watched and the other for passionate dog race fans. These are all symbols that will make the players happy while they are having fun in the game. Perhaps the simplest description of Lucky Betting Shop is sports betting turned into a slot.

Lucky X

Certainly, the manufacturer Expanse is not the only one who had a great inspiration to transfer the betting to online casinos in some way. We must also mention the manufacturer of online casino games Leap, who recently introduced us to the amazing game Lucky X. Do you like numbers? We are sure everyone bet on them at bookmaker sometimes but now you have the option to do it all at the online casino game as well.

Lucky X is a game that will surely delight all players. In it, you have the opportunity to bet on the outcome of the draw. When it comes to game outcomes, each outcome of a game is a statistically independent, random, and unpredictable number generated by a random number generator.

There are 50 balls in the drum, 36 of which will be drawn in each started round. The numbers are divided into 5 groups, and each listed group contains 10 numbers. Each group is marked with a different color.

Frankie Dettoris Magic Seven Jackpot

The third game in our article on unusual casino games is Frankie Dettoris Magic Seven Jackpot, which comes to us from online casino game maker Playtech. We are sure you have once bet on dog races that are so popular in bookmakers but, in addition, there are horse races as well. If you have not tried horse racing at one of your favorite bookmakers before, you can now do so at an online casino. Try your luck which may bring you an amazing jackpot.

For their bets on each spin, players will have the opportunity to win at least 10 times more than the stakes for matching 3 card symbols, while the best prize of 7,777 times more than the stakes can be won for 5 wild symbols. The Frankie Dettoris Magic Seven Jackpot slot has 2 bonus games, which can bring you great earnings even at not so wide-spread but more and more popular best Bitcoin online casinos. The ability to win a progressive jackpot makes this game even more tempting for all gamblers.

Instant Keno

The last game in our article is Instant Keno. We have fulfilled our promise to mention another game from the manufacturer of online casino games Expanse, and that is exactly Instant Keno – a game that in a very short period of time raised entertainment to a higher level in various online casinos. 

Lucky X and Instant Keno are very similar to each other but again they are specific in their own way. Choose your favorite color – is it yellow, red, blue, or green? Decide on the one with the most attractive odds. Another way that players have at their disposal to come up with a nice win in this game is to guess if the number is higher/lower, even/odd…

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