5 Tips to Manage and Keep Your Remote Team Productive

As new technological trends emerge, most people continue to embrace virtual working. You might work for a company that makes glass barn doors or work in an engineering firm. Either way, it is now the norm for most organizations across the globe to be working virtual. However, some employers are finding it hard to cope with the changes, especially when managing the team and maintaining productivity.

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If you are in the same situation, you do not have to worry. You can learn and implement various tips to get your team on the right track when working virtually. Follow the information below to help you manage your team remotely.

Embrace Technology and Implement Remote Work Tools

If you want your team to be productive and successful while working remotely, ensure you embrace technology. Today, technology has simplified things, and your team can remain productive working virtually.

There are multiple project management tools to help you run your operations with ease. Use video conferencing to create a visualized mutual knowledge within your workers and minimize boredom and isolation.

If you cannot implement technological tools, you can use alternative and affordable means at your disposal. Contact your IT department and establish the best possible tools you can use in the meantime as you plan to get long-term tools.

Create a Check-In Structure

Just as your team would check-in as they report to the office physically, you can implement the same strategy with your virtual team. Set a specific time that your employees are expected to log into the system for a meeting or report submission. This will help you keep a close relationship with your employees while ensuring that each worker reports at work on time.

However, be careful not to micro-manage your team because it could lead to mistrust that can affect and drain your relationship with employees. For effective management, ensure you set a friendly atmosphere with your workers and let them know that they can reach out to you via various platforms such as emails and phone calls.

Set each day’s plan for each employee and follow up during the day to see the progress. You may want to know what they’ve achieved, which will help you set the next day’s plan with ease.

Keep an Open Communication

Communication is a crucial component when working remotely. Ensure you keep a regular communication schedule with your team because most people often feel lonely when working away from their colleagues.

Maintaining close communication will stir up the zeal in your employees, and they will be able to share a lot with their colleagues. Various platforms, such as Zoom, can help you keep close communication with your workers.

Keep talking and ask for any new developments among your employees. If possible, hold one-on-one remote meetings with each employee to find out how each one is doing. Holding private sessions with each employee can give them the confidence to speak out about what could be affecting their performance, unlike when you hold a joint meeting.

Set Realistic Expectations

Provide guidelines and help your team know their expectations. However, be realistic when setting expectations. If you plan to assign targets, you can make small adjustments from what the team was used to when working physically. This should be gradual, and you can review the expectations after a few months and reduce or increase them based on the achievements.

You want to ensure that your team remains motivated and productive. In this case, setting unrealistic expectations could be a threat to employee productivity. Let the employees know:

  • Working hours
  • Targets
  • Meeting timings
  • Project deadlines
  • Communication channels
  • Availability

Be Flexible and Organized

You should set a good example to your employees if you want to succeed in working remotely. Ensure you stay organized and be ready for any change. You can adjust the work hours and give your employees a flexible schedule to provide them with the freedom they deserve. It makes your employees feel refreshed, and this contributes to your business productivity.

Grow your team and make them better employees. Use the tips above to manage your team remotely with ease. If your employees have personal issues, you should lend a listening ear and determine how you can help them get over the issue. It is possible to achieve great strides in your business while working remotely as long as you learn the tactics of managing your employees regardless of the distance.

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