How To See Who Shared Your Post on Facebook?

How To See Who Shared Your Post on Facebook

The Share button on Facebook allows users to share posts they see on their timeline; they can share these posts in groups or with their friends via Messenger. Checking how many people shared a Facebook post is one of the finest methods to judge its effectiveness. Thousands of people share popular posts. And perhaps you just want to keep tabs on your Facebook friends to see what they share and interact with.

Here’s how to go about it. This article provides a few simple ways to view who has shared your posts from your Facebook account. 

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Can I See Who Shared My Posts?

Yes, you can definitely see who shared your posts on Facebook. You might want to know who shared a public post you didn’t write. The process is pretty straightforward. Select Share after going to the post in question, which may be on a Facebook page or a friend’s account. A list of the individuals who shared the post will be visible to you. 

Remember that you can only do this if someone’s privacy settings permit you to. Depending on the individual’s privacy settings, you might only be able to view some people who shared the post. 

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How To See Who Shared Your Post on Facebook

View the Timeline’s Post Statistics

Locate the post you’re looking for on your Facebook Timeline, then look for the button that indicates the number of shares. Click the Shares button to view each of their names individually. The number of persons who shared that post will be listed in a new window on the screen.

Look through your notifications

Checking your notifications is the simplest way to see if something you recently posted has been shared. In the top right corner of your Facebook app, click the alarm to see what new alerts are available. If a post has been shared, it will let you know who shared it and how recently (in hours) they did so. Depending on whether you have email updates set up, you might also get a notification by email about this. Facebook will alert you each time someone shares one of your posts if you enable notifications. Check your recent notifications to find out who shared your post. However, you may disable all notifications if your post becomes popular.

View the original post

You can see if someone has shared your work from your timeline.

On the Facebook home page, click your name.

To see your posts, scroll down.

A post has been shared if you see the text just beneath it that reads, “1 share” (or more if you’re famous).

You can click on “1 share” and see the name of the people who shared your post. 

The details could include the name of the buddy who shared it, any other information they may have contained, such as comments, and any feedback they may have gotten from other friends. However, some posts might not show up depending on the user’s privacy settings.

View your Friend’s Timeline

As an alternative, you can visit your friend’s Timeline to see if they shared a particular article. You should be able to view it straight on their Timeline if they shared it as a public post.

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How to Locate Previous Posts Someone Has Shared From Your Profile

How can you track down someone who shared an old post? That’s a touch more complicated but still manageable.

  • Type any phrase related to your post into the search box at the top of Facebook, then hit the enter key.
  • Find the “Post From” section.
  • Select “You” from the radio buttons under “Post From.”
  • You can now view the list of posts that you have made. Search for the posts that your friends have shared.
  • You can locate your older posts and see who has shared them on Facebook.

You can carry out a number of tasks under the post section, including sorting and seeing your most recent and successful posts right away. In addition to this, you may also browse postings from your groups, pages, and friends.


Will a person who has blocked me see my post if their friends share it?

Nothing you publish or share after someone has blocked you will be visible to them, regardless of who else may share it. Only if a mutual friend posted a screen capture of the original of one of your posts could they see it.

How do I take down shared content from my Facebook page?

Although you can remove the initial post, you cannot remove a specific post that has been shared by someone else. Select the three dots in the post’s top-right corner, then choose Move to Trash > Move. Any sharing or reposts will be rendered blank.

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Here, we’ve outlined how to find out who shared your Facebook post. You can view Facebook users who have shared your posts using the basic methods discussed above. Go to your notifications or look at the number of shares on your Timeline to see who shared your post on Facebook. If the post isn’t yours, visit the author’s page and click the ” Shares ” button to find out how many people have shared it. Has this information answered your inquiry? Tell us in the comments section below.

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