YouTube Comments Won’t Load : 10 Fixes To Try

You probably know about the YouTube comments section if you are a YouTube enthusiast. With a show of support for your favourite YouTubers or well-intentioned constructive criticism, you may make your voice heard in the YouTube community.

Unfortunately, this is only possible if the YouTube comments section is correctly loaded. It might be a browser or connection issue if YouTube comments aren’t loading on your PC or Mac. Try these troubleshooting methods if you’re having difficulties with a non-loading YouTube comments section.

Why Won’t YouTube Comments Load?

Your YouTube comments might not be loading because of many reasons. All you have to do is reload the screen most of the time. Also, ensure your internet connection is fully operational. Disabling browser extensions and clearing your browser’s cache and cookies are two more ways to get your YouTube comments back.

How To Fix YouTube Comments Not Showing Up?

With the below-mentioned fixes, you will be able to resolve the issue arising and get your YouTube up and running again:

Check your internet connection

Internet Connection

One of the most prevalent errors occurring on YouTube could be this. The YouTube channel’s comments section may not load correctly if you have a slower or inconsistent internet connection. You may be able to see the comments written by your visitors, but your replies may not be visible. Check your internet connection, restart it, and try once more.

Reload/Refresh The Page

F5 Key

Reloading the video page frequently resolves the ‘comments not loaded’ problem. You may reload the page by clicking on the reload button or using the F5 key on your keyboard. You need to try this if the comments still aren’t loading.

Check your browser extensions

check browser extensions

Browser extensions make our jobs simpler, but some of them might cause issues. This issue might occur when the extensions installed in the browser get corrupted.

Check if any new extensions have been added recently, then disable them and try opening your YouTube video page again.

Look through your extensions to check if there are any that are compromised. You’ll be given the choice of removing or repairing the extension. It is preferable to delete the extension if you are not using it, but if it is necessary, fix it as quickly as feasible. Check once to see whether the comments portion of your YouTube video is loaded now.

Check your YouTube Channel Settings

In your YouTube channel video settings, you will find the option to Allow or Disallow comments on your videos. Check to see if you’ve accidentally deactivated your channel’s comments.

To check the comment settings, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Go to YouTube Studio and open your YouTube channel.
Go to the Community area by clicking on Settings on the left side.
Check the settings in the ‘Comments on your channel’ section.

Delete Cache and Clear Browsing Data (Android/ iOS)

Delete Cache and Clear Browsing Data

Is the cache in your browser corrupted? It’s likely, and it’s also possible, that this is preventing comments from loading correctly. If you’ve made it this far and YouTube is still not loading correctly, it’s time to clean your browser’s cache and cookies. The disadvantage of this step is that it wipes out any saved login information, so you’ll have to sign in to all of your websites again, but it improves browser performance. It can enhance your browsing experience immensely. Clearing the cache and browsing data can resolve issues such as runtime problems, missing buttons or tabs, or a page not loading correctly.

Sign Into Your Google Account

Your YouTube might not be working because you are not signed in to your account. Sometimes, when that happens, your YouTube comments don’t show. So you can try signing in via Gmail or setting up a new account if need be, and you’re good to go.

Open YouTube in Incognito

Open YouTube in Incognito

Incognito mode is also used to access the YouTube video page. When you access a page in incognito mode, all extensions are hidden by default, so if the issue is caused by one of them, your YouTube video page will load perfectly, complete with all comments and replies.

Disable Ad Blockers

Sometimes you don’t realize that your comments might be hidden because of the YouTube ads. To start viewing your comments again, all you need to do is disable the ads that are covering your page.

Click the AdBlock toolbar icon on Select Once to temporarily disable advertisements on all YouTube Channels under “Pause on this site” or Permanently to prevent adverts on all YouTube Channels. Add to your allowlist every time you visit YouTube (this will disable AdBlock and allow advertising to play on all YouTube channels).

Disable Proxy Settings and VPNs

Suppose you connect to the internet over a virtual private network (VPN) or tunnel your web traffic through a proxy server. In that case, you may notice that specific web pages, such as YouTube, sometimes don’t load properly.

This might be the reason why YouTube comments may not load since some websites block sections or the entire page from loading when a known VPN or proxy is in use, reducing the threat of spam or network assaults. A misconfigured or faulty connection, on the other hand, might also be the cause.

Unfortunately, to allow YouTube to load correctly, you will have to disconnect from the VPN or erase the proxy server settings. Whether you’re on a business network, first check with your network administrator to see if the problem can be fixed internally.

Reset Your Browser

If the problem is still reoccurring, you can simply try resetting your browser once.

To reset your browser, follow these steps:

Open Browser.
Click More. Settings in the upper right corner.
Click Advanced at the bottom of the page. Click Restore settings to their original defaults under “Reset Settings” on Chromebooks, Linux, and Mac. Set the settings to default. Click Reset Settings under “Reset and cleanup” on Windows.

browser reset

How do you turn on comments on YouTube?

To turn on Video comments on your YouTube channel, you must:

Log in to your account.
Go to YouTube Studio.
On a video, change the comment settings.
Select Content from the left menu.
The thumbnail of a video may be seen by clicking on it.
Scroll down to find out more. Click on “Show More” to see further comments.
Choose your comment settings under “Comments and ratings.”
Save the file.

How to turn on comments on YouTube

How do I see YouTube comments?

Click the three parallel lines in the top-left corner of the screen on the YouTube site, then select “History” from the menu that displays.
Click the box next to the word “Comments” on the right side of the screen.

Why can’t I see comments on the YouTube app?

From the Upload Default or Community Tab, check your comments settings if you’ve blocked comment rights or set comments to be held for review in your profile settings. It’s possible that you won’t notice any comments on your videos. Simply follow the instructions mentioned above and double-check the comment settings.


We hope that the above article helped you understand the issues you are facing while loading comments on YouTube, and you are now able to load and see the comments.

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