Why Can’t I See Comments on Facebook

Facebook is a vortex of pictures, videos, and stories, and the platform’s comment area has its own fan base.

There may be occasions when you want to leave a controversial comment on a post but cannot do so, maybe due to technical difficulties. When that happens, it certainly does irritate some people.

We will address about why can’t I see comments on Facebook in detail in this post and explain why this happens. We’ll also point you to the alternative solutions that may be accessible.

What is a Facebook Comment?

Facebook Comment

A Facebook comment allows you to reply to Facebook posts or images. You need to click on the Comment beneath the post or into the white box that reads “Write a Comment” to leave a comment on a Facebook post. Type whatever you want to say and hit enter to share your comment.

Reasons Why Can’t I See Comments on Facebook 

There could be several reasons why you are unable to see Facebook comments. Let’s try to understand each of them and why it is happening:

1. Blocked By Facebook

The main reason why you can’t comment on Facebook could be because the social media platform may have blocked you. If you don’t follow the guidelines and breach Facebook’s privacy policy, Facebook has every right to stop you. 

2. Repeated Commenting

It’s also possible that Facebook has prevented you from commenting on the same post several times. If you repeat the same comment, Facebook users may report it as spam, allowing Facebook to ban you every time you spam. If a large number of Users report against you for spamming, Facebook will very certainly block you, and you will have to re-register using a new ID.

3. Abuse someone or community

Trying to abuse somebody in person or online is now a criminal offense, and Facebook upholds this policy. It has the potential to have you barred for making a remark that violated the privacy policy of negative comments or harassment of any type and the procedure for safe navigation.

If you try to breach a person’s privacy and urge others to do the same, Facebook has the right to report you or delete your account permanently.

Facebook has disabled your ability to comment further because it attempts to prevent media attention by focusing on a single user’s consistently hate comments. After tremendous criticism from the worldwide media and people, it attempts to block false ideas.

4. Timeline and Tagging

You could also have trouble commenting on your friend’s posts since their privacy settings have been changed to prohibit anybody except them from posting on their timeline.

Their friends can view their timeline, but they can’t comment on anything posted online.

5. Timeline Review

If your friend has turned on the timeline review option, all posts must be approved before appearing on the Facebook page. They’ll get a message about a “Pending Post,” which they may click to go to their private timeline review. They may view it and choose whether or not to have the remark appear on their post.

6. Technical Error

Another reason you might not be able to comment on Facebook could be the technical difficulties. If your comment includes any special characters that the Facebook system does not recognize, this could also happen. If this happens, Facebook will report the issue, and you may be allowed to comment on the post.

It’s possible that Facebook is upgrading something or that the system is experiencing a service outage.

If that is the case, you can do nothing to fix it unless the system is updated. Then wait for a response from Facebook to your complaint about why you cannot comment on Facebook; it typically doesn’t take long to resolve the situation.

How To Fix Why Can’t I See Comments on Facebook? 

There are several options for resolving the Facebook commenting problem. So let’s go over the processes to help you understand better.

Refresh The Facebook App

If the problem with the app persists or is the result of a technical malfunction, log out of the app for a while.

If your problem was a technical issue, logging out of your Facebook account could help.

Clear Cache from Browser

To avoid irritating bugs and malfunctions, you may also erase cookies and cache from your app or browser. If the problem is still lurking in the cookies and cache, this will reset the browser/app and eliminate it. You may try logging in again to check if you can still comment on Facebook or if the problem has been resolved.

Here’s how to get rid of the cache:

Mobile Device: Go to Settings>> Search “Apps”>> Search “Facebook”>> ”Storage & Cache”>> Clear Storage & Clear Cache

Devices using Chrome: Go to Settings on the browser>> Search “Cache”>> Clear Browsing Data>> Click “Clear.”

Clear Cache from Browser

Check your Internet Connection

One of the reasons you may face this problem could be poor connectivity on your device. You may want to recheck the internet connection, or if it persists, you may want to check with your service provider.

Check your Internet Connection

Update the App

Always make sure you have the most recent version of the Facebook app since this will help you avoid problems when using Facebook. As a result, you may need to check the PlayStore or Apple Store to see if your Facebook app has been updated. If not, you must first edit it and then connect it back into your Facebook account.

Force Quit/Restart the App

You can force quit the Facebook app if you think it is malfunctioning. This can occasionally assist in resolving any bug that is causing the issue. As a result, you can use this approach as a last option.

Uninstall and Reinstall the App

You may also uninstall the application from your device since it could be a malfunction and then reinstall it from the App Store or Play Store. By doing so, you will have to log in again, so don’t forget your details! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to View All Comments on Facebook?

You will see all of the comments in your Activity Log. When you first visit your timeline view, you will notice a link to the Activity log. Click on “Comments” from your Activity log to get a detailed list of all your comments and replies.

Why can’t I see all the comments on a friend’s Facebook post?

To view the comments on a Friend’s post, tap on the search box.

You may find it at the top of the page. “Posts from [your friend’s name]” should be typed in. Even if your friends’ comments have been hidden from the timeline, Facebook’s search box can still find them.

Why can’t I see comments on my own post?

It’s possible that you’ll have to use the “all comments” button at the bottom of the app. When you see a post, whether it’s yours or someone else’s, the app won’t generally load all of the comments. It might load one or two, but that’s generally it.

Why can’t I see comments on Facebook live?

It’s as simple as swiping right on the screen. Comments, likes, and other reactions will be muted, allowing you to enjoy the movie without interruption. And if you want them all restored, all you have to do is swipe left again.


We hope you now understand the possible causes of your inability to comment on Facebook, and you may use these easy methods outlined above to recover access to Facebook’s commenting tool.