How to Market and Run a Cleaning Service

Getting referral leads to hire you is good. But how long would you wait for that? Such is like wishing for rain to fall and wash your dirty car. The fact is that waiting for referrals doesn’t work. In practical terms, it is not the best way to market cleaning services like Evolve Cleaning online or offline. This is even more profound when you are starting. And you don’t have many clients to refer you. 

Cleaning Service

Based on the low entry barrier, starting a cleaning business is relatively easy. That’s why many people and firms are competing for the same definite number of potential clients in each market segment. One peculiar thing about cleaning service is that it is very hard to differentiate your services from other providers. So, it’s very certain that the clients get confused before hiring a firm to clean their home’s laminate floors properly. What do you do when this the case for everyone? 

Through the following paragraphs, we’ll be looking into how to market your cleaning services when you need quality leads and cash inflow like yesterday. Before proceeding, please note that the strategies discussed here not meant to be exhaustive. Moreover, one cleaning business lead generation strategy can hardly deliver the same results as others. Here are couple of best cleaning business promotion ideas and strategies:

Google Search Advertising 

Probably, you might have heard about this medium. Then the other thing you heard is that Google Ads is very expensive. But how expensive? Well, you still may not be able to tell at this point. This a kind of pay per click (PPC) advertising platform that charges you for every single click that brings a prospect to your website or phone line. The key benefit is that it helps you to engage only the people actively searching for cleaning services within your target location. You can start with $100 – $1000+. 

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Local SEO is about making the content of your website eligible for the first page or higher ranking when people search with relevant local keywords. Examples of local search keywords (queries) are ‘residential cleaning company Denver, cleaning service firms Oakland CA” etc. The aim is to attract only the prospects within the preferred target location which could be country, state, city or county. These prospects can then visit your website, fill a contact form, call a phone number or copy your physical address for a meeting. 

Facebook Advertising 

With this particular cleaning business promotion strategy, you can start with low entry budget. With $300 – $1000, you can start a cleaning service lead generation campaign that runs daily on Facebook for 30 days. To make it worthwhile, use your average billing per client to set your advertising budget. On a deeper level, Facebook Ads will give you a diverse set of demographic targeting options like location, job title, interest, marital status, employment status and many others. 

Directory Listing 

Some local directories offer a free listing for businesses and service providers like you. The way these listings are categorized make it very easy for potential clients to search and find the service providers they want. Examples of these directories include Angieslist, Yelp and HomeAdvisor. 


As noted earlier, this is a brief list of the best ways to market cleaning services online. Further research will reveal even more options worth exploring at a convenient time. The most appealing thing is the cleaning business promotion strategies mentioned here have the potential to bring faster results if done well. 

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