How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business: 8 Easy Steps to Follow

Swimming pools may be ignored throughout the year except for summers. Everybody loves to take a dip in their swimming pools during summers to cool down. That calls for the upkeep of the pool throughout the year even if nobody uses it. Does it happen, you ask? Nope. Many Americans hire people to clean their swimming pools and it has become a major business. This service of swimming pool cleaning is estimated to be an industry of $3 billion, as per IBISWorld. There aren’t any companies or a single company that is leading this industry. There is a lot of scope for new businesses to grow in this pool cleaning and servicing industry.      

If you are interested and wondering how to start a pool cleaning business, you’ve come to the right place. We are going to help you with a pool cleaning business start-up guide that will help you kickstart your business. You only have to follow 8 easy steps to start your journey into the world of pool cleaning. 

What is Pool Cleaning?

Pool cleaning involves a lot of tasks like cleaning out the debris, brushing it, vacuuming it, checking the chemical levels, and adding chemicals to prevent the growth of bacteria. Pool cleaning is done to keep the pools clean and maintain their hygiene. Pools need regular cleaning to avoid any growth of bacteria or algae. 

Is pool cleaning a good business to start?

Pool cleaning is a good business to start as it usually involves only the owner of the business. Anybody who enjoys cleaning swimming pools and likes being outdoors, this is a good business to start. As the cleaner works alone, the profit isn’t shared with anyone. Pool cleaning business owners can expand their business as per demand. 

How long does it take to clean a pool?

It can take 20 to 45 minutes to clean a pool manually with a vacuum. Pool cleaning depends a lot on the size, the cleaner, types of equipment used, and how dirty the pool is. 

8 Easy Steps on How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business

Now that you have an idea of what pool cleaning is, let’s see the 8 easy steps on how to start a pool cleaning service and make it successful. 

8 Easy Steps on How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business
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Step 1: Create Pool Cleaning Business Plan

A good entrepreneur will always have a plan before starting a business. Creating a pool cleaning business plan will help you execute it well. Planning is crucial for any business. Few things to consider while planning:


How do you plan to invest money and how much money will your business need? 

Who are you targeting?

Individual pool owners are great but commercial pools are better. Target businesses like hotels or fitness centers that have commercial pools, this will ensure regular business. 

Business Name 

Consider naming your business with a name relevant to the industry and secure a domain name based on it. The name of the business will give it identity and help you register it as a legal entity. 

Step 2: License and Register your Business

Before you start your work as a business owner you need to get due licenses and register your business. A business without a license will attract fines and maybe shut down by authorities.  

Few states need you to have a Pool Contractor License before you start your business. There is a Pool Exam you need to appear for to get the license. Both involve a fee. People who have 4 years of experience or hold a Bachelor’s degree can appear for the exam. 

You can register your business in many ways like a partnership, sole proprietorship, corporation, or limited liability company (LLC)

Step 3: Consider pool cleaning business insurance

Get insurance for your business. We need insurance likewise businesses also need insurance. It will protect your business from losses and maintain financial well-being. Choose from various policies that have various risks involved. Small businesses commonly start with General Liability Insurance. 

Step 4: Buy pool Cleaning Equipments  

To start a pool cleaning business, you need to buy cleaning equipment. You can typically start your business with $2,000 and use it for buying chemicals for cleaning, kits for testing water, skimmers, leaf rakes, and brushes. 

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Buying cleaning equipment and supplies in large quantities will be more affordable even though initially it will add to your start-up cost. 

Step 5: Open a Business Bank Account

Even if you will be the only person working, it is preferred to open a business bank account. This will protect your personal assets in case your company is issued. Never mix personal and business accounts. A business bank account is of utmost importance. It will keep your accounting transparent and make filling for taxes a lot easier. 

A business bank account shows your business is legit and can be used for credit card services also. 

Step 6: Decide your Cleaning Rates.

You can decide your cleaning rates according to how often you are offering your services. You can charge clients for cleaning and repair services. 

How much should I charge to clean pools?

Depending on how much cleaning is required and how often it is done, you can base your charges on that. As per Home Advisor, on average, the weekly service charge is $177, bi-weekly charges are $267, monthly charges are $190 and only opening and closing is charged $266. 

Step 7: Create a marketing and sales plan and Implement

Marketing can help your business reach people who need your pool cleaning services. Focus on people who own pools in the area of your business. You can market your services to them online or directly by mail. 

If you don’t have a big budget for marketing, consider marketing your services with cold-calling and going door-to-door. This has a personal touch and lots of hard work. But, any customers that you gain through this will be near your business and will save your time traveling to different locations. 

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The time to start marketing for your pool cleaning services is crucial for your business. A good time to start is the end of winter and the beginning of spring. This period falls between the time pool owners start thinking of getting their pools cleaned and signing contracts with other cleaning services. If you are successful at getting signed contracts during this time, you will have those clients throughout the year. 

Step 8: Think About Manpower.

Think about what kind of manpower you require or do you even require it. Many pool cleaning businesses don’t prefer hiring extra manpower, the owners themselves clean the pools. But, some businesses expand their business and hire many people as their demand grows. Some create regional or national chains of their company like the Belleair Pool Service and Supply and America’s Swimming Pool Co, respectively. 

Promote Your pool Cleaning Business

Promoting your pool cleaning business can impact your business in a great way. There are two ways of promoting your business one is the traditional way and the other is advertising it on an online platform. 

Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising involves meeting people face-to-face and promoting your business, cold-calling people to market your services. You can also advertise your business through newspaper ads, radio, leaflets, or television ads. Direct mail is also one way to promote your pool cleaning business. Encourage your existing customers to tell others about your services, this word-of-mouth publicity can also help your business. 

 Advertising Online

Create a website for your pool cleaning business. Websites help customers locate and contact you. You can promote your website online by giving discounts if people register on your website. Websites also assure the client that your business is legit. 

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Online marketing is a great tool for business owners who do not have a big budget for traditional advertising. Use social media platforms for promoting your business like Facebook or Instagram. Online advertising these days is more effective and cost-efficient. 

How profitable is a pool cleaning business?

A pool cleaning business is quite profitable as mentioned earlier. The lack of big teams or employees makes this business profitable. Business owners can increase their profits by selling pool cleaning supplies, as many people like to clean their pools on their own. 

How much do pool cleaners make?

The earnings per hour of an owner of pool services are around $50 to $60. If one is to work full-time, each week they can make around $2000 to $2400. 

A pool service owner can always hike their fee to $150 or $200 if they offer cleaning and repairing services together. Pool cleaners sometimes can annually make $85,000 with such additional work. 


The pool cleaning business is great for new entrepreneurs as there are plenty of opportunities available for growth. Summers are for pool dipping and now many even have indoor pools so as business owners you will always have clients even in off-seasons. 

Now that you have this start-up guide, you can start your pool cleaning business without any confusion. Following these 8 easy steps will ensure your business is set up well and runs smoothly. Focus on giving good service and achieving success. Dive into the world of pool cleaning and servicing without worrying about how to start your business. You are now well-equipped with this guide to take on any challenges. 

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