5 Ways AI (Artificial Intelligence) Is Helping Businesses Grow Their Audience

Now, the best way to explain how AI is helping businesses grow their audience is through examples. And today, we are listing the five major ways AI is stepping up the game and letting businesses benefit from its presence.

1. AI Advertising


AI advertising is a result of AI and digital marketing. This type of advertising is cognitive and based on a few advanced algorithms that help with issues such as demand and supply optimization and targeted offers.

The best way to understand AI advertising is as a personal assistant of your brand that is designed to make advertisements for different groups of people, based on their interests and demographics.

This appears to be a strategy that many brands have chosen, such as Coca Cola, Hewlett Packard, etc. The main goal is to win the market with an improved level of advertising that automatically generates interesting content for every audience based on their needs and desires.

The proof that this works has already been witnessed by Harley-Davidson, the brand with the first AI-driven platform (named Albert) for marketing that increased sales leads by an amazing 2930%!

2. Customer Service Based On AI

It may be hard for you to imagine, but the times when you will be texting a robot to know when your order is supposed to arrive – or how to change your email address on your user screen – are coming. 

In fact, AI does wonders when it comes to customer service. Driven by commands and personalization, the language makes personalized customer service with shop assistants and chatbots that replace human beings in the communication chain.

This certainly sets the shopping experience bar a step higher with AI. Aside from it solving cases and giving product recommendations, it can also be useful for analyzing what the customers like more and create engaging and entertaining contact.

Seems like the ideal customer service client, right? And yet, a robot…

3. AI and SEO

Ranking high by following the practices of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) just got to a different level. AI and SEO also work great together, especially when it comes to voice search.

Knowing that the voice search technologies these days like Siri, Cortana, Alexa have changed search queries as we know them, it is not difficult to imagine a similar case with AI – from now on. A great example for this are the question words (“how”, “where”, “what”, “who”, “why” etc.) which have all become search query triggers and are hence used more and more in content as well. 

Aside from that, AI helps in custom generated content and customized news feeds – again based on the interests and desires of the particular audience. Obviously, the predictive intelligence is what will make SEO even better.

4. Augmented Reality Through AI

If there is one example that best pictures artificial intelligence in a popular app or website, it has to be the game Pokemon Go. This is exactly the link between augmented reality and AI, which has already been experienced by a lot of users. The augmented reality was based on artificial intelligence to make image recognition possible.

It pretty much works like this. Whenever you put on your virtual reality (VR) glasses or turn on your VR desktop or switch on your Google Tilt brush, you are connecting with artificial intelligence through augmented reality.

In the near future, we should expect VR environments as well, where we can purchase products and see ads in real time.

5.  AI and Web Design

Artificial intelligence and web design are not technologies that are developing – but are well-developed and work through the Grid.

In a nutshell, the Grid is known as the ‘website of the future’ or just a website that is made to design itself without any human help or manually written code. Just like the examples we already listed, AI is taking a turn on website design as well, and it is certainly doing that right.

Another project by Adobe is also based on AI as a way of automating web design. According to the software company, it is the merging of machine learning and image recognition that results in graphic and web design that actually designs itself. AI plays a crucial part here, especially when it comes to discovering different audiences based on (not so) simple patterns and behaviors.

A Final Word

In the end, it is safe to say that artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world. And while some people think that this is as scary as it gets – others are convinced that it is a point where you must choose if you are going to blend in or be left behind.

Merging with AI may seem like a huge step for many businesses, however, with today’s pace of technology, it is also something everyone should consider and take advantage at a later point.

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