Why Entrepreneurs Need to Sharpen Their SEO Knowledge to Succeed


One key factor that enables businesses to succeed, especially in today’s digital world, is getting the word out about your business. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a startup venture, allowing your target audience to find information about you is key to making an impact on your potential customers. One of the most efficient ways to accomplish this is by appearing on people’s web search results.

Unless your business is an established name within your niche and among your target market, potential buyers are not going to make an effort to visit your website or let alone put your brand’s name on their search queries. Most people who search for certain information use keywords related to their needs when they do their research. With Search Engine Optimization, you can inch your way up to the top of search results, which may increase website visits in the long run.

Unfortunately, SEO isn’t new. Your fiercest competitors are most likely already in on SEO with the hopes to appear in their target market’s search results and get more sales. If you’re serious about getting your piece of the pie, find out why you need to sharpen your SEO skills to help your business succeed.

Search Engines Continuously Update Their Algorithm


Because online search has become very crucial in a customer’s buying journey, knowing how search engines work is considered compulsory. Most business owners, if not all, have long realized the power of search platforms in marketing, which compelled some SEO experts to adopt certain practices that allows them to cheat their way to the top of search results. As time went by, these practices – called blackhat SEO – have become so bad that it had affected the browsing experience for the users of search platforms such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. To improve the browsing experience for their users, it prompted them to establish stricter rules that online marketers must adhere to.

Search engine platforms are now constantly updating the algorithms that determine which websites to rank the highest. In turn, SEO experts are now obliged to constantly evolve and keep up with the changes to stay on top of their game.

Competition is Tight


Search Engine Optimization basically works by targeting the right keywords that your potential customers are using and making your website appear in search results from these keywords. If your business is operating in a small market, your competitors are more likely to be targeting the same keywords that are relevant for your business. Once your competitor establishes their business as the authority in these keywords, you’re more likely to see a decline in website traffic, and subsequently, in your revenue as well.

In SEO, being the first to establish high authority in a niche is very crucial. However, if you’re just realizing the importance of SEO and are still about to start making your SEO efforts for your website, finding a competitive SEO expert is probably your best bet to succeed.

User Behavior is Constantly Changing

As with the rest of the world, user behavior and their preferences are constantly changing. This means that the search keywords they are using to reach your business may be changing over time as well. A particular keyword may have worked in your favor and brought a great increase in traffic and revenue a few years ago, but this keyword may lose its relevance over time as your user’s search preferences shift.

If your SEO isn’t constantly changing, then you may also lose out to competitors who are keeping their SEO campaigns current. Make sure you’re constantly checking and modifying your SEO campaigns to target the most relevant keywords that your potential customers are using to reach your website. Staying timely and relevant for your target audience needs constant review and modification to ensure the efficacy of your SEO marketing efforts.

Your Page Rank can Affect Your Bottomline

Keeping your SEO up-to-date may also affect your website’s overall Page Rank. Because Page Rank is important for Google and other search engines in weighing a website’s authority, a decline in Page Rank may synonymously result in a decline in website visits as well as revenue, especially if sales transactions are primarily done online.

Using SEO to maintain your website’s Page Rank can help your business remain stable and could also ensure constant growth in the long run. Businesses that keep their SEO efforts running have seen an increase of up to 18% in their website ranking. On the other hand, those who discontinued SEO efforts have seen a ranking drop of about 30%. Make sure you constantly have SEO campaigns running to maintain and improve your website’s ranking and visibility.

Keep Your SEO Campaigns Running Sharp

SEO Campaign

Turn your business into an authority within your niche with SEO. Just by allocating time and resources exclusive for SEO, you ensure that your brand will remain top-of-mind in your customer’s buying journey that will help your business succeed.

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