How to Market a Live Casino: Promoting the Advantages

The online casino industry, especially the live casino branch, is one of the most lucrative verticals. Since there is a lot of cash involved, the competition is harsh. 

However, it is not something good marketing can’t solve for you. The market is there, and the players are waiting to discover new and attractive opportunities.

All you have to do is learn which actions to take. The best approach to live casino marketing is to promote the advantages that come along with it. Where do you start? Here are five tips to get you started expanding the reach of your live casino today.

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Real games in a digital environment

One of the most significant advantages a live casino offers to players worldwide is access to real and live casino games. Besides being moved to the digital environment, there is no trade-off in the gaming experience. 

All the live casino games are there in their true form. The same rules apply, the same odds of winning are there, and all the games offer the same level of fun and excitement. They are, in fact, real games, just as you can see at the online live casino on ICE36. Only, now, they can be played from home or on the move.

Variety of games

Sometimes it is a real hassle if you want to play more than one casino game during the night. People don’t have time to wait for the table spot to open or to go from one casino to another to play their favorite game.

Leverage the “variety of games” perk to your advantage. Your live casino offers a unique opportunity for players to play whatever game they want. They can switch tables or play an entirely new game in a matter of seconds. This is a convenience only a live casino such as Mega Casino UK can offer. 

Access via a variety of devices

Another advantage you should focus your marketing message on is access via a variety of devices. Live casino games are directly streamed, and anyone with access to a web browser and internet connection can play them.

Web browser-based games are easily accessible and require minimal technical expertise. Anyone can play them. All it takes is a few clicks or screen taps to get started. 

Yes, you heard us right, screen taps. Live casino games can be played regularly on laptops and desktop PCs. 

However, due to rapid technological development, players can now hit the floor with lady luck on their smartphones and tablets as well. There is some great reading available if you want to learn how to leverage technological progress to build a successful live casino business model and attract more players.

Playing from anywhere

Just a couple of years ago, it was unimaginable to play live casino games elsewhere but in a brick and mortar casino. A few years fast forward, and here we are today. Which brings us to another advantage you should leverage to fuel your marketing efforts – play live casino games from anywhere.

Live casino games have broken out from the land-based prison and are now available to players anywhere. All you need to have is an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet, and you are set. 

Waiting in line, traveling to the casino, and juggling meetings and obligations in a schedule are all things of the past. Today everyone can play live casino games when and where they want to. 

No environmental tricks

There is one more advantage you can use to base your marketing message on – no environmental tricks. Live casinos offer a fair and square opportunity for anyone to play games and win big. The simple “what you see is what you get” applies here.

To make your marketing message even stronger, you can ask the players at your casino to leave a review and their honest opinion about your casino brand’s trustworthiness. The positive social proof will work in your favor, and you will be able to use it on your landing pages and across your online ads.


Live casino marketing can appear as a daunting task at first. But as you can see, there is an easy-to-follow formula you can apply to your marketing campaign

Use the live casino advantages as pillars of your marketing campaign, and you will be able to expand your reach and attract more players to your online venue.

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