4 Types of Facebook Live Videos that Help Market Your Brand

Social media forums have immensely grown the department of marketing with the help of its unique features and the ability to reach people from every corner of the world. Not only do the experts of marketing use SMART (an acronym for specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic, time-based) strategies to keep the ball rolling, the laymen have also found ways to gain popularity over days and gain followers. It is all about knowing beyond what your audience needs and the methods to attract their attention.

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Facebook is the most used social media application that everyone around the world uses. Very recently, it added some new features in its application that leveled up the marketing game in the field of e-commerce. Facebook, which was previously used to connect with loved ones, has now multiple functions that involve connecting with a versatile customer base through the means of live video sessions. Live videos always gather more attention than the other video. They spark curiosity of the viewers to know what is going around the world in the present moment. One can use this technique to spread awareness of their brand across the world. 

Speaking of awareness, let us discuss all those functions that people have been using Facebook live for. 

Many organizations are using Facebook Live to train workforce by delivering online training lessons. Facebook live also helps in creating a group of followers by introducing people with the concept of brand initially, and then the details of it in episodes or series of sessions. Once you have interested the audience with your thoughtful sessions, there is no way they would not return to learn more about your brand especially when they are interested in buying your service. Your job is to keep the content of your Facebook live sessions useful and interesting in order to keep the audience hooked. You can follow multiple methods, brainstorm and consult other companies to see how they have engaged their audience. In the end, it all depends on the kind of company or firm you are running, which will determine the strategies to promote your work. For example, if you are running a PR firm, you will get plenty of opportunities through Facebook live videos to keep your audience connected with your work by attending events to live stream them through your phone with the help of an application. Multiple surveys have shown that viewers find Facebook live videos more engaging than other types. Having said that, why not use this feature to promote brand awareness among the masses! If you want to know all those ways you can use this feature to advertise your brand, here are a few examples: 

1. Questions/Answers Live Session 

Without knowing what your audience wants, what questions they have on their minds regarding your product or what problems they are facing while using your product, you cannot build an audience and you cannot grow it from where it already is. You need to engage them in a manner that not only does it sort issues of your customer base but it also teaches them of the things that they don’t already know. You can make a complete setup by inviting a panel of a team that discusses questions regarding your services. The live Facebook coverage helps the audience sitting home interact with the panelists and discuss the issues they face with respect to your service. The viewers can simply type their questions in the comments sections and have them answered right away. This is one way every user of your service can engage virtually with your team and get their issues sorted out. 

2. Webinars 

As far as simple Q/A session is concerned, Facebook live videos work best in connecting you with the audience. The questions can be frequently asked and answered. Now comes the turn of webinars, which are basically seminars except for the fact that they are executed through an online platform: Facebook live video. Make sure your internet works well in order to support the complete coverage of your session/webinar. You can also watch video tutorials on YouTube about how to conduct interactive webinars for your business. Spectrum Gold Package can be a great option in this respect. Nevertheless, when it comes to arranging webinars, Facebook live could again be a great option for it can go live for as long as you want without charging anyone anything. You can go lengthy on the subjects that are of great importance. You can instruct your audience by installing a setup of the session in a room and have your viewers attend the webinar virtually through the live Facebook video. 

3. BTS Shots from Work 

You need to keep your audience aware of the struggle you put in the work so to offer them the service they deserve. The more you connect your customers with your work, the better relationship you build with them which may not entirely be based on the product or the service itself but the work environment that they see through your live videos. They get a sneak at your work inner environment and through there they get to understand the details surrounding your brand or service. This way they will learn more about you and your brand – the entire culture that helps them grow trust as well as interest with your services. This all helps to keep your audience close with you long-term. The reason is, these videos are authentic, unscripted and more real to the audience. The viewers always look for authenticity when they take interest in buying a service. 

4. Events Live Streaming 

Since it is something very recent, you would not see many brands or companies using this technique to publicize their services. It brings us to the point that it is a great opportunity for a lot of us to exercise this feature in our marketing techniques. Most of the brands you’d see using this technique are the sports agencies but this does not mean you cannot use it if your service is about shoes, furniture, etc. You can still organize an event and have it live-streamed on your Facebook page.

So, try the aforementioned Facebook live videos to spread the word about your brand and you will definitely see a positive shift in your business revenue.


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