How to Dropship like a Pro. 5 Tips for New Entrepreneurs


Here are 5 tips for beginners that will help you enhance your sales and get your business ahead.

5 tricks for beginners to run dropshipping business like an expert

Dropshipping is a very popular e-commerce business model that allows entrepreneurs to sell goods without worrying about inventory. It has a sufficiently large number of fans around the world and it has long been maintaining the leading position in the ecommerce industry.

However, dropshipping niche is not fully occupied. Only 27% of online retailers use dropshipping as their primary method of order fulfillment, which means there is great scope for business growth and development. That’s why nowadays many people want to try themselves as dropshippers.

In this article you will find 5 tips that will teach you how to dropship like a pro without having extensive business knowledge and experience.

Let’s go.

1)      Choose only reliable suppliers

A supplier is a core component in dropshipping business. If there is something suspicious about the supplier, for example, he or she skates over the details when you ask questions, doesn’t want to provide all necessary information or doesn’t give any guarantees, this person is most likely a fraud. Run far far away from him or her or you will have lots of problems.

Of course, if you are a newcomer in ecommerce it will be not easy to identify a great supplier, but you can concentrate on five tips that will help sort out the good one from the bad one.

So a good dropshipping supplier:

–          has 95%+ positive feedback rate;

–          responds to any your requests quickly;

–          effectively addresses emerging challenges;

–          doesn’t offer fake brand products;

–          has at least basic knowledge of English.

The last point is very important because most of dropshipping suppliers are from China. You probably do not speak their native language and they don’t speak yours. In this case, the best solution is English.

2)      Concentrate on profitable niches

You want to know how to dropship successfully?

First of all, focus on popular niches!

All dropshippers keep an eye on dropshipping news and monitor trends. If you sell goods that nobody is interested in, you will fail. You can say – the trends are changing very fast – and you will be right, but the advantage of a dropshipping store is that you can easily change what you sell.

Secondly, choose the products that are unique and hard to find at the nearest shopping mall. Nobody will purchase your products and wait some days for delivery, if the same goods can be bought immediately.

Thirdly, look at the prices of your suppliers and decide if they are affordable or not. You will mark up the prices, so if they are too high, it will be very difficult to attract customers to your store.

3)      Use dropshipping tools

There are many automated tools that will do almost all the work for you. They have a complete set of features and allow running dropshipping business with minimal efforts. With different plugins or add-ons you will not spend much time to fill your store with products, for example. One second and everything is done.

The amount of dropshipping software solutions is huge and it’s easy to get lost in the wide variety of choice. From creating listings to managing inventory and auto ordering, each software has different features and supported selling platforms.

Here are the best 3:

–          Social Rabbit

This tool is great for promoting a website in the most popular social media like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Social Rabbit works on WordPress and has a lot of options. It automatically finds content related to your dropshipping store, posts it in your accounts and adds hashtags, descriptions and links. In addition, the tool likes different posts on people’s accounts and therefore draws attention to your dropshipping store.

–          AliDropship plugin

This WordPress plugin is developed to make dropshipping business with AliExpress easier. It comes with professionally designed themes, has different filters to find the necessary products on AliExpress, checks the orders for tracking updates and sends email notifications to the customers. Besides that, there is a special version of the plugin that is fully compatible with the very popular WooCommerce platform.

–          Countdown Timer

This tool is perfect to turn your website visitors into impulse buyers. It shows that the offer is time-limited and makes people buy goods more actively. With this tool you can easily place timers on all your products or on a small group of them and watch how your products sell like hotcakes. It is really the easiest way to drive more traffic and conversions to your store!

4)      Develop marketing strategy

In order to dropship like a pro you need to develop your own marketing strategy. In other words, you should make up a special way to promote your store on the Internet. If you do not know how to start, consider the experience of other dropshippers. Of course, they are not marketing gurus, but they share their own ideas about different marketing tools and strategies, discuss them and come to conclusion what works and what doesn’t. Very useful knowledge for starters!

Besides that, you can learn a lot about dropshipping store promotion when reading specialized blogs. There you will find expert tips on how to plan an effective marketing strategy and how to dropship successfully when having no experience.

5)  Focus on SEO

Another aspect you should certainly pay attention to is search engine optimization (SEO). It can help drive more traffic to your store and therefore more sales. In order to dropship well, create your own blog, optimize your website’s product pages with keywords and high quality images and make sure that the result of your actions is presentable from a customer’s perspective.

In addition, remember, that these days Google and other search engines have become smarter in the analysis of quality content. The algorithms are sophisticated and it’s not enough to type keywords in each row to make a website be ranked well. The content must be useful to your visitors and look natural. It means you should above all create content for people, not for search engines. If people like your website, they will certainly come back.

The bottom line

That were 5 tips that explain how to dropship like a professional, even if you have no previous experience in ecommerce. As you see, this type of business doesn’t require much money and efforts to start and run because of specifically developed tools, useful guides and wide internet communities. Dropshipping has lots of advantages over other ecommerce businesses because it allows all entrepreneurs to play safe and make a good profit without huge investments.

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