How Secure is your Business? Top Security tips for your Business

As business owners, we’re all so worried about cyber security these days that physical security almost takes a back seat. Why care about someone stealing the pot plant from your office when it’s your computer that contains all of your most sensitive and confidential data?

Here’s why you should care: because a physical intrusion can still lead to a cyber breach. Not to mention that you most likely have a whole host of expensive gear that your business frankly couldn’t operate without, and it would be best if you could keep that stuff around for the foreseeable future.

Workplace security

If you legitimately don’t know how secure your business is, it’s probably not secure enough.

Try and list five security features you currently use. If you can’t make it to that number, your business definitely isn’t secure enough.

With that in mind, here are a few tried and tested top tips for making your business safer for staff and protecting it from intruders:

1.       Install smart security

Gone are the days when smart security was some sort of scarily advanced technology that only celebrities could get their hands on. Smart security is now more available – and more affordable – than ever, so research your options ASAP.

2.       Change your locks

Can’t remember the last time you’ve changed your locks? Or worse – never changed your locks at all? Make it your number one priority to do so. The older your locks, the worse in quality they’re likely to be. Install a set of brand new ones, then visit CLK Supplies to get yourself some key blanks (and actually keep track of them this time).

3.       Utilise CCTV

Real or fake, a CCTV camera positioned in just the right place outside your business is a great deterrent for potential intruders. Note: real is definitely best, because you can actually monitor what goes on around your building and decide whether you need to take further security measures. Get yourself a CCTV kit with several cameras and live viewing options for ultimate security.

4.       Touch up your staff entrances

How secure are your staff entrances right now? If your business is big enough for any old stranger to get away with disguising themselves as an employee (it really does happen), you need to knuckle down on door entry security. Use clock-on cards, finger scanners, security guards… whatever is necessary for keeping the wrong people out.

5.       Sort out your computer security

Yes, yes, cyber security is important, and it won’t do you any harm to make sure your expensive technology is just as protected on the inside as it is on the outside. Install a good security software and password-protect everything that holds the slightest bit of importance.

6.       Install an alarm

Alarms might have a bit of a nineties feel to them nowadays, but there’s a reason why they’ve been a security staple for so long – they actually work. Nothing will send an intruder running for the hills faster than a blaring alarm, and don’t worry: the decent ones don’t get triggered by ambulance sirens or insects anymore. 

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