Tips On How To Reinforce Your Startup’s Cybersecurity Strategy With Physical Security

Tips On How To Reinforce Your Startup’s Cybersecurity Strategy With Physical Security

It’s important to use physical security to protect your company’s data. But how can you use physical security to support the cybersecurity measures in your startup?

Read on to find out how your physical security is essential for complete protection and how to reinforce cybersecurity with physical security. 

How To Secure Your Cybersecurity System

The first part of understanding how to combine physical and cybersecurity is that the two are not isolated aspects of your security. 

Many data and IT systems stored in your buildings are intrinsically connected to your physical security. Both aspects must be secure to achieve complete security. 

This section will list some physical security tips that will help you provide physical security reinforcement to your cybersecurity.

Install Physical Security 

Physical security measures such as door lock systems and security cameras will help you protect the sensitive data and materials stored in your building. 

Modern cloud-based RFID locking systems will allow you to manage and monitor your building both externally and internally to restrict access to particular areas with sensitive material or data. You can remotely view who has entered rooms within your facility to address and resolve issues quickly.

The video feed can be integrated with access logs so that you can determine any potential misuse of access. The presence of video cameras can also act as a deterrent of threats. 

Coordinate Cyber And Physical Security Teams

Now that you are starting to think your physical and cyber security as connected, you must coordinate your IT and physical security teams. 

When your cybersecurity team is working with your building’s security team, both teams can work together to install the right software and security devices. 

A cohesive security system combines two elements of data security to maximize efficiency. Your teams can leverage integrated data to develop a plan for their security strategies.

Educate Your Employees

Research suggests that 40% of cybersecurity attacks originate from human error and phishing scams, which outlines one of the reasons why your business needs cyber protection and physical protection methods.

Your integrated IT and physical security teams must educate your employees on protecting themselves from security threats online. You can provide policy documents or implement training seminars to keep your employees informed of the risks. You can also consult third-party cybersecurity professionals, who will not only educate your employees on new cybersecurity risks but will also provide services such as continuous security testing.

The Benefits Of A Cooperative Physical And Cyber Security Plan

The benefits of a converged security strategy are endless. Let’s look at how physical security can improve cyber security and create added protection for your data. 

  • Through combining physical and cyber security, there is overlapping mutual protection.
  • Your company will have a unified and robust security infrastructure that will be equipped with the technology to handle a hybrid workforce
  • You will be able to handle potential threats more efficiently – with your security teams working together, information that will help resolve threats will be more accessible for both teams.
  • Financial benefits – you will be able to minimize staffing costs by combining two teams and educating them on both physical and digital security, allowing you to improve efficiency and reduce the amount of staff needed for protection. 
  • It will directly benefit your business – stakeholders and customer trust rely heavily on protecting sensitive data. Your physical and digital security strategy is integral to your business strategy.
  • You will be more protected from the rising cyber-attack rates and adapt the protection of your business to match the demands of the current security climate.


If your business handles digital and physical security separately, you may miss out on the added protection that a converged security strategy can bring. Your business strategy should prioritize the protection of data to satisfy stakeholders and customers.

You can converge your security by investing in physical security measures to protect cyber assets within your startup’s office building and improving the communication between your IT and physical security teams.

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