8 Smart Ways to Protect Your Business From Burglary

Protecting your business is a crucial part of maintaining and letting your business grow. There’s nothing more heartbreaking a sight for a business owner than coming back to your store to see someone has ruined all your hard work.

One way to avoid this from happening to you is by doing the correct precautions. One of the best ways to do that is to invest in smart security precautions to protect your business from burglary.

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To get you started, here are eight things you can do to protect your business that you should try as soon as possible.

1. Install CCTV cameras

It would help if you found a way to watch what’s going on in your business. Whether you’re in your physical store or not, having CCTV cameras will enable you to see everything going on around your store all in one place.

If you have the technology, you can even see in real-time what’s going on in your store, also when you’re nowhere near your store.

If anything terrible happens to your store, you can consult your footage and figure out what happened through there. Besides letting you view ongoing and previous activities in your store, there’s also another perk to installing CCTV cameras.

By having CCTV cameras outside of your store, you can deter potential criminals from breaking into your business.

2. Install good interior lighting

If you have poorly lit areas inside your store, these can make your store more vulnerable. Even if you have a camera pointed, if the lighting is dim, it’s going to be challenging to discern what’s on your screen.

Thus, you should invest in good interior lighting as much as possible. Of course, you should also ensure that you have good exterior lighting.

This is another way to deter criminals from breaking into or stealing from your store.

Since your store has good light, criminals won’t be able to work under the guise of darkness.

3. Conceal all wiring

The wires leading out of your store can fall victim to tampering by criminals if you don’t hide them well.

With just a snip of a few cables here and there, you can find that you lose connection to external communications, security, electricity, and so on. Thus, it would help if you made the concentrated effort of concealing the wiring connected to your store.

There are many ways you can conceal your wiring to the outside world. But the most popular way would be through the use of cable conduits.

Besides concealing wiring for security concerns, you might also want to do it because you’re able to organize your wires better. After all, if your cables look disorganized, it can make your business look messier than it is.

4. Invest in an alarm system

One way to give yourself that peace of mind is to invest in an alarm system and install it in your home. Since it’s for your business, think of it as an investment to your business.

When you have an alarm system, even if you’re not in your store, you can rest assured that you won’t return to your company the next day to see it ransacked.

To ensure that your alarm system is working its best, you should look up reliable alarm systems. It would be best if you also remembered to practice good habits when it comes to security.

For example, you should remember to change your alarm system code now and again for added security.

Different alarm systems have different ways of changing their codes. If you have a Honeywell system, you should look up how the Honeywell alarm change code system works. Don’t forget to look up how to verify that you’ve changed the alarm code as well.

5. Consider smart locks

Someone can break into your compound or your physical store if you have outdated locks in place. Luckily, there have been plenty of innovations in the security industry that has made it easier to have more secure lock options.

One such option that you should consider for your store would be the smart locks.

Smart locks have plenty of extra features aside from keeping your doors and entranceways secure.

One element would be the ability to control who gets access to the locks. If you ever need to give people temporary access to the store, you can arrange that using your smart lock’s access control.

Besides that, you can use your smart lock to figure out who came in and out of your store. You’ll know who used the intelligent lock through its audit trails.

Thus, you have information on who was in your store during specific hours.

6. Keep valuables in a safe

If you plan on keeping valuables in your store or business, you must keep them inside a safe. You should make sure that your safe is fire resistant and burglary resistant so that you’re covering all your bases.

If anything were to happen, you’re confident that your valuables are in the safe. Of course, the more protections are in place inside your safe, the costlier it’s going to be for you.

Plus, you need to remember that if you’re going to get a heavier safe, you need a floor that can support that. Thus, do your research and preparation beforehand.

7. Strict shredding policy

When you’re handling confidential documents, you should have a strict shredding policy that you or your staff follow.

If you’re going to be shredding sensitive documents, make sure that your shredders are in specific and secure areas. That way, nobody can access it if they don’t have the authority to access them.

Of course, to be consistent, you need to give your employees the correct training about this shredding policy.

8. Seek professional help

Sometimes, you need the help of security professionals to figure out which parts of your business are more prone to breaches.

They’ll be able to point out which areas need more care, attention, and security from you. Also, you’ll know your options for improving your business safety.

Plus, knowing a security professional makes it easier for you to do a security audit every once since you have a contact.

Since they have more experience and knowledge, their time and expertise will be worth the investment. More so, if you’re dealing with a lot of sensitive information and more in your business.

The key to ensuring security is by being vigilant. Once you set up your security systems, it doesn’t stop there. You still have to check up on your business regularly. Applying these eight ways will give you thorough protection in the majority of your security concerns.

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