Top 5 Security Considerations Before Leasing An Office Space

Before leasing an office space, you must first know your security requirements and whether the building could accommodate these security requirements. Since 2021, 88% of business leaders have reported a rise in physical security incidents.

When choosing an office space, security should be a priority. Your business’ success is contingent upon your ability to keep client and customer data safe, which means that any office space investments should come with the potential for an air-tight physical and digital security strategy, like visitor management software. Keep reading to learn about the top 5 security considerations you should make before leasing an office space.

5 Security Considerations To Make Before Leasing An Office Space

Now that physical security incidents are rising, it is essential to consider a building’s security features and vulnerabilities before leasing. Here are some of the 5 security considerations you should make before leasing office space.

Restricting Access Internally And Externally

Access control is the foundation of any secure building. Access control is one of the many cloud-based technologies revolutionizing office security. Limiting internal and external access allows for better management of the comings and goings in your office space. By installing door locks, you can create a physical security strategy that implements principles of a zero-trust cybersecurity strategy.

Zero-trust does not assume the trustworthiness of users granted access to a system, permitting them to access the data needed for daily operations. Employees should only access areas that contain data necessary for day-to-day operations. You should restrict access to areas containing sensitive data.

Touchless access control uses mobile credentials as digital access keys that allow users to enter the building using Bluetooth communication. This means that users do not have to place their mobile device directly in front of the reader to gain access and can leave their mobile device in their pocket. You can operate door locks in a way that does not slow down the traffic in your building, providing convenient security.

Verifying Identity

One of the drawbacks of an access control system is the potential for misappropriated access credentials. Luckily, this vulnerability can quickly be addressed using video camera footage. A commercial intercom system attached to your building’s secured doors allows footage of the user’s face to correlate with access logs.

By integrating video camera footage with access control, security staff can view the video camera feed and access logs on one interface. Rather than correlating data from different sources using timestamps, your security team will be able to view both sources of information on one platform instantly. This allows for a more straightforward resolution of cases involving misappropriated access credentials, ensuring that your security system is air-tight and that you can identify security breaches quickly.

Perform A Physical Security Assessment

A physical security assessment is necessary to identify the potential vulnerabilities of the office building you’re considering leasing. Your physical security assessment can determine which security features you can install effectively in the building and which ones are not supported.

You will also be able to determine any hazards associated with the building’s layout and mitigate these concerns by creating effective evacuation and security procedures. Without performing a physical security assessment, you will not understand the building’s physical security strengths and weaknesses. This could lead to a struggle down the line when your team is developing your security strategy and investing in security installations.

Evaluate Which Security Features Come With The Lease

To budget effectively for the security installations you need to install in your office space, you must first evaluate which security features come with the lease. This will allow you to form a security budget and determine which security installations you would like to invest in for your business.

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Ensuring Safety In The Office

To ensure your employees are safe in the office now means investing in health and safety. Antimicrobial surfaces and touchless technologies work to reduce the number of touchpoints users must come into contact with during their daily routine. Reducing touchpoints can help to reduce employee concern about the spread of germs.

Wellness verification software can be integrated with your access control system, allowing employees to fill out forms regarding their symptoms before accessing the building. This ensures that those with symptoms of coronavirus are not allowed to enter the building, preventing the spread of the virus within the office. Health and safety is now a significant security requirement for businesses to prove their dedication to employee wellness.


Before leasing an office space, it is essential to conduct assessments and determine whether the space can accommodate the necessary security installations. It is vital to know which security technologies are a priority for securing the space and to have a plan in place for which security installations must be budgeted and which ones are currently installed in the building. Once you are aware of these details, you can make a fully informed decision when leasing office space for your business.

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