7 Easy Ways to Find Someone’s Location Without Them Knowing

Did you know that tracking someone’s location was considered a tough job back in the day? We are thankful that it’s no longer the case now. In the current times, it is possible to track someone’s location and find out answers to questions like “how to find someone’s location using their cell phone number.”

If you want to find out their location, eyeZy has a pair of built-in features that can show you. With Pinpoint, you can check out their current location, complete with address, date & timestamps, and Google Maps links. You can also see where they’ve been in the past, so you can put together a clear picture of their real-world activity. And with Magic Alerts, you’ll get notified when they arrive at or leave a location that you set. Both features work in hidden mode, so they’ll never know that you’ve installed a monitoring app on their phone.

Prefer not to install anything at all? You might want to consider with detectico.com. You can think of Localize.mobi as a service, not an app. Just enter their phone number, choose a pre-set message (or enter a custom message), and relax. Localize.mobi will text them your message along with a link. When they tap the link, Localize.mobi will send you their location.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, we do now have several convenient ways that can help us track someone’s location and know their whereabouts. In this post, we are going to talk about some useful and convenient ways to find someone’s location without them knowing .

Believe it or not, there could be various situations when you feel the need to track someone’s location. For instance, your child has not reached home after school and you need to establish contact with them but you’re not being able to make it happen for some reason. This is a time of an emergency because you want to track where they are.

You can also use their location to get additional information you may need. For example, by using a reverse address lookup, you can find out their past addresses, where they work, their email addresses, their criminal background, and even their social media accounts.

When you’re not able to reach out to them in such a time, then you feel the need of some technology that can help you locate their whereabouts, providing you accurate details of their current location.

7 Ways to Find Someone’s Location

It is pretty usual for anxious parents to be constantly concerned about where their child is and has been. Fortunately, it is feasible to follow their whereabouts due to GPS and mobile technologies.

These technologies have improved to the point that it is feasible to identify a person’s specific position in today’s day and age.

You may discover not just the position of the person you’re following but also the history of all the places they’ve visited.

In this article, we will guide you through various ways and methods by which you can track someone’s location online without them knowing.

1. Finding Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number

One of the convenient ways to find someone’s location is by using their cell phone tracking number. In order to find someone’s location, you must first know their cell phone number. When you know the number, think half of the job is done.

Finding someone’s location by cell phone number is a method that uses the SS7 Interconnect system for the communication to take place between the receiver and the transistor device. This method does provide an effective result but it may raise the vulnerability problem.

With this method, your security is likely to get exposed to the third-party. Therefore, if you are not willing for that to happen, you should not be using this method to find someone’s location. 

2. Finding Someone’s Location Via Social Media

When you feel like not exposing your security to a third party, we would suggest you using other methods to find someone’s location. Another way of tracking someone’s location is via social media platforms.

You can also locate someone’s location on social media sites like Facebook and Google by simply putting up their cell phone number in the search bar. When you type their cell phone number, any account linked with the number will pop up and you will find the person.

You can add them on your account and find information about their recent whereabouts. Most of the times people put up their statutes, telling others about the places they have recently visited. In case their number is not linked with any Facebook or Google account, this means your target has not added their number on the platform.

3. Finding Someone’s Location with Tracking Apps

While you can find someone’s location by using a cell phone number or through their social media accounts, there is also another effective way that can help you track their whereabouts.

We are talking about cell phone tracking programs or apps. A cell phone tracking app lets you locate someone’s whereabouts, giving you accurate information about their current location and its history.

To track someone’s location using a cell phone tracking app, you will need to download the app from the official website and get it installed on the target’s cell phone. This tracking app will start giving you timely updates of their location on your online dashboard as soon as it gets deployed on their cell phone.

The app will closely monitor all the places the target visits and update you with the whereabouts, sending timely alerts to your online dashboard from where you can remotely see their location at any time and from anywhere. how to track a cell phone location without them knowing

A cell phone tracking app helps you find someone’s location without the other person knowing. That’s right. This app lets you track their location without letting them know about it. So if you want to know how to track a cell phone location without them knowing then you must use a cell phone tracking app.

Cell phone tracking apps come in handy especially when you want to keep a track of someone’s location on a regular basis. Parents find these tracking apps really helpful because they let them keep an eye on their children’s whereabouts especially when they step out of their houses.

Similarly, cell phone tracking apps can also be used by employers who wish to track their employees’ whereabouts when they are out on business meetings.

4. Finding Someone’s Location By IP Address

You may track an IP address close to someone’s actual location using a valuable internet tool called IP Geolocation Lookup. Depending on several circumstances, you can get quite close to determining the geographical location of someone’s IP address.

You may also find the IP address using third-party apps such as Dnsstuff. Using this will provide the name of the ISP who owns that IP address and the country or city from where it came.

5. Finding Someone’s Location By Email ID

An email address can sometimes be used to track down a person. If his email address has been set up with information such as his name, address, or phone number, and that information is current, you should be able to find him online. However, because free email accounts may be created without any identifying information, the person may be hard to track down in this method.

Enter the person’s email address into a search engine. The outcomes might range from a personal Web page to a school or corporate Web page displaying that email address. 

Different search engines will provide different results. You may learn that the email address is actual or come to a website containing personal information like their phone numbers and address.

6. Finding Someone’s Location By Instagram/Social Media

So, here’s how to quickly retrieve the Instagram location ID for any given location.

  • Log in. Using a web browser, go to the Instagram website (instagram.com).
  • Look for a specific location. Type the location’s name into the search bar.
  • Go to the Location Page. Select the location result by clicking on it…
  • Make a note of the Location ID…
  • Location ID can be copied and pasted.

7. Finding Someone’s Location By Google Maps Without them Knowing

To track someone’s location on Google Maps without them knowing, follow the instructions below:

  • Open the Settings app and ensure that location services are turned on.
  • Launch the Google Maps app Maps on the target Android phone or tablet.
  • Tap the right corner displaying the user’s profile image on the map.
  • Select Location Sharing.
  • Select “Share Your Location.”
  • Tap “Until you turn this off.”
  • Choose your device from the list and select Share.
  • A notice will display stating, “XYZ can see your position.”
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