Great Apps So You Never Let the Tide Surprise You Again

As someone who always values safety above all else, I have a hard time relaxing at the beach. You never know when there may be dangerous wildlife or shifting tides. The mystery of the unknown is one of the most alluring things about the ocean, but it never sat all that well with me. Fortunately, however, I recently utilized a great tool to help put my mind more at ease during my last beach vacation. 

Great Apps to Check Tide Charts

With these helpful mobile apps, I was able to read tide charts and get updates on when the tide was changing so that I could beware of any dangerous situations…and also keep my stuff dry on the sand. Safety, comfort, and fun should be the staple of every family vacation, especially the beach. 

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Predicting high and low tides

The ocean is historically known as a powerful force, and an ever-changing one at that. Without being an expert, it can be difficult to tell when the tide is going to change quickly. As you look through the list of tide apps, you’ll notice that many of them offer up-to-the-minute updates on tide changes. Keeping yourself in the know can help you enjoy the vacation that you worked so hard to earn. 

These apps will also help you make plans throughout the day. When you’re setting up a picnic, you might end up putting a lot of time and effort into a great setup that keeps your food sand-free. However, if the tide change is during the middle of your lunch, you might end up with a soaked sandwich. Keep the party going even as the tides change with the help of mobile apps

Local tide charts provide insight for specific destinations

If you’re a regular beach-goer, you can probably get familiar with how the local tide works at beaches you frequent. However, beach vacations may lead you to other states, gulfs, coastlines, or oceans. Local tide apps can essentially be a cheat code for you to turn from tourist to local in your first day at a new beach. 

It’s not only important to understand high tide times to keep your stuff dry, but you’ll need to understand when the low tides will occur as well. If you’re into swimming or wave-surfing, you may want to avoid low tides because these are some of the more difficult conditions. Understanding the varying tides, along with identifying potentially dangerous currents, can help keep your family safe. 

Find the best fishing times

When people think about the beach, they might not even consider finding a great spot to fish, but fishing on the beach is a great way to spend an afternoon. Or it might be a boring way, depending on the tide. Mobile tide chart apps can help you figure out the best times when the fish will be closer. 

Even if you’re using a boat to fish offshore, understanding the tide is very important. As the tide shifts, so do underwater currents, which can push fish one way or another. Mobile tide apps, along with weather and wind apps, can all be used to your advantage in order to have a successful day on the water. There are even multiple fish-sonar apps that allow you to track their movement and find the largest schools. The technology exists to help you catch more fish, so why wouldn’t you use it?


Mobile tide apps can help everyone enjoy their beach days to the fullest by helping you read the tide, plan your beach activities, and find the best time to fish. 

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