Seven Signs It’s Time For You to Take a Vacation

Seven Signs It’s Time For You to Take a Vacation

Whether you’re working hard at a corporate job, you’re taking overtime, or you’re an entrepreneur, many of us put in long hours at work. At first, putting in that time can feel invigorating. It’s exciting to start a new job or finally take that leap to start your own business! Eventually, the grind of everyday life gets in the way, and before you know it, you aren’t feeling like yourself.

The trouble is, the feeling often sneaks up on you and you don’t even realize it. A relaxing vacation can help, but how do you know when it’s time to take a vacation instead of putting your nose to the grindstone?

You Have Been Injured

If you have been injured on the job, it’s important to take a break. It’s important for your physical health, but it’s important for your mental health too.

For example, if you are involved in a slip and fall case at work, taking a vacation can help you take your mind off of dealing with management, lawyers, and doctors. If an accident you experienced was your fault, a vacation can help you take your mind off of feeling guilty, while a vacation after a serious accident can help you heal.

You don’t necessarily have to be injured at work either. If you were in a car accident outside of work, for example, you may still want to take a vacation to rest and recuperate so you can focus when you get back behind your desk. 

You’re Making a Lot of Mistakes

Mistakes don’t have to lead to serious injuries in order to be a sign that you’re ready for a vacation. If you’re making a lot of little mistakes, even if they seem insignificant, it may still be a sign that you should go on a vacation.

Both little and big mistakes require you to do and say things to make it right, which can make the mistake even more tiring. Not to mention, if you continue to make repeated mistakes, you may find yourself in trouble with management, or your business could end up on the rocks if you’re an entrepreneur.

Whether you keep accidentally clicking “reply all” when sending emails or you’re messing up customer orders, even small mistakes are a good sign that you need a vacation.

You Can’t Focus at Work

There are a lot of distractions at work like:

  • Digital distractions
  • Daydreaming
  • Headaches
  • Chatty coworkers

If you were once really good at working through those distractions to get your work done, but you’re finding it harder and harder to avoid the pull of social media or you’re taking long lunches in the middle of your day because you dread going back to work, it’s time for a break. Getting outside your work environment for at least a week can help you see your workplace with fresh eyes when you return, helping you to focus once again.

You Spend Your Downtime Thinking About Work

Just because you can’t focus at work doesn’t mean work isn’t on your mind. It can be especially frustrating if you feel distracted all day at work but you can’t stop thinking about your latest project when your head hits the pillow at night. If you’re an entrepreneur or you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder, you may spend all day focusing on work, but you just can’t seem to turn it off when you get home.

Either way, you’ll head for burnout a lot faster if you’re essentially putting in more hours at work thinking about it whether you’re on the clock or not. A vacation can help you get away from work and clear your mind so you can stop thinking about your latest project when you shouldn’t be.

You Find It Hard to Have Fun

Life isn’t usually very much fun when you’re at work, but if you have trouble having fun when you aren’t at work, you could be facing a bigger problem.

Anhedonia is the loss or a decrease in the ability to feel pleasure doing things you used to like. It can make you feel unmotivated to try things you might enjoy because it makes you feel like there’s no point in giving it a try. Even if you used to love reading, bowling, or swimming, you don’t feel like doing those things anymore.

Although you may not feel like going on vacation either, it’s a great way to get outside your normal routine and have fun again. Once you do, it’s a little easier to find fun again in your everyday life.

Little Things Make You Feel Overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed by having to make your lunch for work or breaking down about doing the dishes? If you’re starting to make mountains out of molehills, either at work or at home, you might need a vacation.

When you take a vacation, you’re able to get away from all the things that make you feel overwhelmed on a daily basis. It’s a little easier to see that they don’t really matter, which will make you feel a lot better when you get back to work.

Stress is Affecting Your Life in Negative Ways

There are a lot of negative ways you may deal with stress like:

  • Sleeping too much
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Smoking or doing drugs
  • Taking over-the-counter medications
  • Overeating or undereating
  • Watching more TV than usual

Whether you’re spending more time in bed or you’re self-medicating, it’s time to deal with the stress in your life differently. A vacation may be just what you need. It can help you step away from the stress and allow you to return to work with a new perspective on what matters and what doesn’t.

Any one of these things could be a sign that you should take a vacation, but don’t feel like you need a reason. You can take a vacation just because you feel like it too! Whether you’re burnt out and overwhelmed or not, taking time for you will always help you do your best at work.

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