7 Mobile Enterprise Apps You Should Implement

Small businesses and start-ups have a lot of information to manage, and only a few people to do the managing. Fortunately, there are many apps that exist now that can help organize data, expenses, and sales, and these seven are some of the most useful.


Image via Apple.com

Image via Apple.com

Storage and sharing app, Box, is the perfect cloud app for securely accessing all of your data no matter where you are. You get 10GB of free space when you start off, and it lets you access your files from your phone, desktop, or online from any computer with internet access. You can add comments to current works in progress, send a link for sharing rather than a huge file, and integrate with other apps so you can do things like e-sign documents.


Creating expense reports no longer has to be a hassle, especially while traveling. Expensify makes the whole process easy. Take a picture of your receipt, and Expensify creates an expense for you. You can also manually add expenses and add the amount of time you worked on something plus an hourly rate. Sync with your bank or send a PDF of your expense reports to your boss, all from the app. International features, mileage tracking, itineraries, and currency conversion make this app perfect for travel.

Square Register

Image via Apple.com

Image via Apple.com

Accepting credit cards has never been easier. When you download the app, you can request and receive a free Square reader, which plugs into your phone and allows you to swipe credit cards. Deposits land in your bank within one to two days, and the fee is a modest 2.75% per swipe. It works great with most carriers, but best with powerhouses like T-Mobile. You can also use Square to set up an online store to record forms of tender other than credit cards, to send electronic receipts, and to manage your sales in real-time.

Asana Mobile

Combine your email, your tasks, and your team with Asana Mobile. Put conversations in the same place as a team’s task, and watch as productivity increases without the hassle of sifting through an overflowing inbox for the right feedback. Asana lets you navigate between projects, add data to a calendar, upload via Dropbox, and search your projects, tags, people, and tasks. No matter how much distance separates teammates, organizing projects through Asana is easy.

Google Drive

Image via Apple.com

Image via Apple.com

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage platforms, and for good reason. The quick editing, easy sharing, and thoughtful management of files is simple to use and great for backing up and accessing data from myriad locations. Now the features of Google Drive are available from your smartphone as well, meaning you can edit, search, and share your Drive files directly from your phone.


Image via Apple.com

Image via Apple.com

The concept of Evernote is basic: instead of jotting your ideas down on paper or saving them on several different devices, you can save them to one place. The execution is both simple and brilliant. The best feature is that you can sync all your notes across your devices. Evernote also lets you create text notes, lists, voice memos, and scans. You can search across your text content, and easily share whatever you need to. Never lose a piece of information again.


It’s happened to everyone; you’re browsing social media or news outlets, and you find an interesting article you want to read, website you want to check out, or video you want to watch. But you don’t have time to do it right then, and eventually you forget about it or can’t find it again. With Pocket, that will never happen. Simply save all the web content you want to peruse to the app, and pull it out when you have time, from any device. This is perfect for businesses who find new ideas or advice online and need to keep it in one place.

Keep track of money, people, projects, sales, and so much more with these enterprise apps. Start here, and see what you can do for your business with a tiny bit of technological help.

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