Clever Ways To Get Your Customer’s Attention

customer's attention

Consumers are bombarded by ads for products and services each day. They see ads and offers in dozens of different forms. In addition to online ads, people are exposed to ads in publications, in stores and on billboards. To grow your sales, it’s critically important for you to get your customer’s attention. Consider these methods to get attention when you customer is ready to buy.

Components of your brand

As a starting point, you need to consider how you present your brand. Your brand refers to the ways that customers identify with your product. Specifically, your logo, slogan, packaging explain your brand.

Every company wants to build brand equity. This term refers to how your product is better or different from your competitors. For customers to think about your brand, they need to be exposed to your company repeatedly. That’s the purpose of your marketing and advertising.

Traditional ads that work

One way you can be different is to advertise in traditional ways. Rather than simply use online ads, you can expose your client to your brand using traditional methods that have worked for years.

One good example is using display ads. When people shop in stores, they see a variety of ads throughout the store. These ads work, because the customer is ready to buy. Bright colors and an eye-catching package can draw a customer to your product. For example, an end cap display by Creative Displays Now offers ways to reach out to consumers through different colors and packaging.

Billboards have been around your years. They still are a great way to attract attention. Using a billboard can expose hundreds of thousands of people to your product. Advertising on a billboard can reinforce the marketing message in other forms of advertising. If a consumer sees your logo and slogan on a billboard, they may pay more attention to an online ad when they see one.

Search engine optimization

Another key way to get customer attention is to optimize your website for Google searches. Say that a prospect enters a Google search on keywords related to your product or service. You want your site appear as high as possible in the search result.

Useful content is becoming more important in Google search rankings. To boost your ranking, consider posting blogs and articles that are relevant to your audience. If you manufacturer sporting goods equipment, for example, you can post content that athletes and sports fans want to read.

Email marketing

When prospects visit your site to read your content, give them the chance to opt-in and subscribe to an e-newsletter. In exchange for giving you their email address, you can provide them with additional content. There are dozens of website opt-in buttons you can use to get the reader’s attention.

As you grow your email list, you can market using email campaigns. Email is another way to deliver interesting content to an audience. The email can provide links to products and services you offer.

Solving an urgent problem

The ultimate goal of your advertising and marketing efforts is to provide a product that solves a problem. If the problem requires an immediate solution, the customer may be willing to pay for a solution. The solution needs to be the basis for all of your marketing efforts.

Use all of these ideas to get your customer’s attention. If you focus on solving a problem, your marketing can help you increase your sales.

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