Online Marketing Strategies to Start Focusing on in 2015


In the ever changing world of business, marketing can sometimes make all the difference and can differentiate between a successful and booming company and a growing or fading one. An elaborate marketing strategy incorporates a number of tactics that each work towards a common goal and a more present, visible and recognizable brand. With the changes in dynamics that occur on a yearly basis, today’s marketing is quite different from what it was like several decades ago, several years, and even several months ago. A big part of this development process is brought about by the rapid and exponential growth of online marketing – and for a company to remain on top, it needs to both follow and anticipate coming trends. Here are some insights into the shape the world of marketing might adopt in 2015.

Get Mobile

It is not a secret that the majority of people nowadays prefer using smartphones and/or tablets over laptops and desktop computers – they are easier to carry around, sometimes faster and more responsive. Moreover, this tendency is expected to continue its growth and more than 80% of users are expected to switch to smartphones in a year or two.

When it comes to marketing, companies that ignore mobile applications and mobile-friendly advertising are more likely to fail and be less successful. There are several easy steps you have to take in order to be present in this world – an effective and easy-to-use mobile app, a mobile version of your desktop website, a 24/7 customer service, a contact office and a connection with present platforms, like social media and Google Maps. Thus, optimize your marketing for mobile users, and do it as soon as possible!

Click and Share

Social media has become such a vital part of everyone’s life that it cannot, and should not, be ignored any more when composing a marketing strategy. All those companies that stopped to think about this issue have already realized how many clients, both current and potential, can be found on social networks. Therefore, it does not surprise that more than half of the total number of users on all three major social media networks – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – choose their next purchase based on the offer of the companies they follow online.

The process of social media marketing is quite simple: the products are already there, the marketing strategies are active and successful, and all you need to do is adapt the content for posts, tweets and images. People who follow your brand will view, like and share them, thus expanding your client base and virtual support, so your followers will quickly become paying customers.

Be Consistent

A topic related to social media presence is the fact that you should also be consistent on all channels. The simultaneous use of mobile and desktop platforms when shopping and browsing potential items to shop is still the default way of research for most people.

This is why it is vital not only to be present on several levels, but to remain consistent on all of them – search engines are very precise and tend to exclude your site if even a small part of a text is different, so consistency on every channel ensures that you get the most hits and, consequently, more clients. Furthermore, if you perceive this from the users’ point of view, it is much easier and makes more sense to follow the same format and content on sites, mobile apps and social media than to force visitors to read between the lines and connect pieces of information.

Watch and Use

With everyone’s attention span consistently lowering, today’s marketing experts recommend more videos instead of words – the message for the users is basically the same, but is clearer and delivered in less time. The tendency of creating videos that present what a certain product, software, website or company does – explainer videos – is increasingly popular and rather effective. Finally, videos give you an option to record an experience from an already existing user, celebrity endorsement, a message from your CEO and so much more.

Unlimited Options

As the world of the Internet is vast, the choices of marketing strategies performed online are limitless and range from online ads and personalized e-mails to wearable technology and upgraded user experience. It is your job to find your company in this scope and make the best of the provided options.

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