Here are the Best Las Vegas Residency Billboards

The epitome of a great career for many performers is to snag a residency deal with a hotel in Las Vegas. 

Ever since Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley headlined the Las Vegas stages back in the 1950s, modern day performers dream of sharing similar stages with nightly sold-out shows for thousands of passionate fans.

With a residency in Las Vegas comes many perks. This includes a long-term multi-million dollar contract, luxurious accommodation, your own stage in the hotel, the best marketing and promotional teams in the business and the bragging rights to say you had a residency in Las Vegas for the rest of your life.

Best Las Vegas Residency Billboards

But more so than just that comes the las vegas billboards that you get as a resident performer in Sin City too.  The larger than life marketing collateral is one of the iconic symbols that you have truly made it in the entertainment industry.

So who has the best Las Vegas residency billboards? To provide inspiration and homage to the best in the business, we’ve rounded up the best residency billboards that have graced Las Vegas Boulevard.

1. Celine Dion 

Classic, iconic and legendary. These are just some of the adjectives we’d use to describe Celine Dion. So it is no surprise that her residency billboard outside the Caesars Palace fulfilled this description as well. With the simplicity of her name shining bright in front of a darkened image of The Colosseum, this residency billboard said it all when it came to the legendary status of this singer. The billboard solidified her concert as one of the ultimate things to do when visiting Las Vegas and drove people far and wide to purchase a concert ticket.

2. Terry Fator 

As the winner of America’s Got Talent, Terry Fator was awarded a residency in Las Vegas for his exceptional ventriloquism act. Now performing at the Mirage Hotel, his act is a favorite amongst kids and adults alike. His residency billboard showcases his iconic puppet next to a close-up image of his own face. Their interaction says it all when it comes to highlighting the unique act and is likely a reason that his show has become especially popular with the locals.

3. Britney Spears 

A larger than life pop star deserves a larger than life billboard. When Britney Spears inked her residency deal at Planet Hollywood, they gave her a residency billboard right outside the hotel that captured her essence to a tee. Showing off her fabulously fit body with a giant snake draped around her arms, it only took one glance at this billboard to know that Britney Spears was a resident performer in Las Vegas. Clearly, the billboard worked, as the line for the nightly concert seemed to always pour from inside to casino out onto the streets.

4. Elton John 

The most successful male resident performer in Las Vegas is none other than Elton John. For five consecutive years, he performed at the Caesars Palace and made the crowd go wild with his classic tunes and larger than life personality. Nearly a million tickets were sold during his residency, which was likely aided by the enormous billboards scattered throughout the Strip. His billboard didn’t need more than a close-up of his face. An image truly spoke a thousand words with his promotional billboards.

5. Jennifer Lopez 

Sharing the hotel residency with Britney Spears for some time was Jennifer Lopez, who equally found herself on some of the most extravagant billboards on the strip. What made her residency billboard so unique was that it still stood out even when in close proximity to co-resident Britney Spears. Her billboard evoked a level of Latin flair that will likely go unrivalled for years to come. And the marketing efforts clearly paid off, as her 120 shows were all nearly sold out and gave her the title of having the top residency for a Latin artist in Las Vegas.

Having a resident show is a unique part of Las Vegas that many performers work towards and dream of their whole lives. Not only do they get the excitement of getting weekly shows, their own stage and bragging rights for the rest of their life, but they also get a residency billboard that promotes their show and elevates their stardom even more. While each residency billboard will uniquely showcase the performance itself, they all have one thing in common—and that is selling tickets and filling up the theatre every single time they hit the stage.

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