6 Examples Of Outdoor Marketing Strategies You Can Use To Market Your Business

When you think of outdoor advertising, you probably assume it is outdated seeing the impact of digital marketing today, it’s understandable. However, businesses who are turning their backs on outdoor advertising miss out on so many opportunities.

Outdoor marketing is a tried and tested form of advertising. Look at the many billboards you see around you, and you will notice that even the most prominent brands are still using them for marketing their brands. Are you looking to try out outdoor marketing but don’t have the creative ideas to make designs? Talk to Craftsmenind and work with professionals who have been in the game for a long time and know what will work best for your business. 

Does outdoor marketing work?

Most people think that with the rise of digital marketing, outdoor marketing has lost its potential to influence people. However, if that were the case, we wouldn’t be still seeing outdoor marketing, and even big brands are still using it to market and boost the visibility of their brand. 

Many people spend a lot of time outside, either commuting to work, running errands, etc.; during this time, using outdoor marketing is the most effective way to reach your audience and grab their attention. Outdoor marketing is a great way of reminding people about your brand; remember that visibility nurtures familiarity and builds trust, making more people buy from you. 

To get you started, here are proven outdoor marketing strategies that can boost your brand visibility.


If you want to make an impact, creative billboard ads should be on top of your list. With recent technological advancements, billboards today have become more advanced and innovative in form and content. For example, moving and digital billboards have made it possible for businesses to create an even greater impression among their consumers. After all, when you see an oversized visual in itself is attention-grabbing – pair that with moving graphics, and you will definitely turn heads.

Here are a few tips to use if you are considering using billboards.

  • The size and location of your billboard matter a lot.
  • Make a creative design that is impossible to miss
  • The more creative and entertaining your billboard design is, the more impact you will have on your audience.
  • Ensure your billboard catches the attention of customers but shouldn’t be an eyesore. You wouldn’t want your brand to be remembered for the wrong reasons.

Transit advertising

Transit advertising is what you see displayed on public transportation, e.g., buses, trains, etc., or public transportation areas like the bus station, airports, subway station, etc.; the ads are placed on the vehicle in the form of vehicle decals. It could also be in posters and live boards placed on the waiting area or near the platforms. 

Wherever there are people, there is potential for advertising. The goal of transit advertising is to continually display your ads in front of people and familiarize them with your brand.

Advertising kiosks offer a lot of marketing benefits. They provide an eye-catching and prominent display for your brand and message. They are often strategically placed in high-traffic areas, which can increase exposure and reach. For instance, Terraboost Advertising Kiosks are placed within 30,000 retail locations to provide wellness billboards in order to bolster health and wellness to their billions of guests. In addition, offer a convenient way for people to access hand sanitizer and other hygiene products, which is especially important during times of increased health concerns.

Retail advertising

Retail advertising promotes a product in the retail location and invites customers to visit the store. They usually take up large surfaces on roofs, walls, floor screens, or windows and can be inserted in newspapers or even flyers. 

Unlike the regular billboards or banners, retail advertising’s main objective isn’t specifically to raise brand awareness. Its main goal is to compel customers and their audience to visit your store.

Point of sale displays

This type of advertising is usually positioned at the point of sale; for example, the checkout section at retail stores. Point of sale displays will grab your customer’s attention at the point of purchase. Here are examples of point of sale displays;

  • Shelf edging
  • Freestanding display units (FSDU)
  • Display packs
  • Dummy packs
  • Counter display units (CDU)
  • Dummy packs

This type of advertising is effective because it targets customers when they are ready to checkout. Since they are already buying, they are more likely to add another item to their shopping basket as they checkout. It’s an excellent chance to offer discounts and sales to give your audience the final nudge to buy.

Street furniture advertisement

Street furniture advertisement uses stuff like bus shelters, benches, or parking garages to display your ads. This type of advertising is mostly targeted at people who are walking by. You can include a few more details using street furniture advertisement because people can read the ad and even take pictures. Here are some tips you can use if you want to try street furniture advertising;

  • Ensure that the design measurements are tailor-made to fit the unusual surfaces where you will place your ad
  • Use colors that don’t clash, again; you don’t want to create an ad that’s an eyesore
  • keep your ad simple and limit the text 

Sticker marketing

Stickers are mostly used in political rallies and campaigns or by musicians to market their music and gain visibility. Although not often considered in marketing brands, sticker marketing can be an excellent tool to market your brand outdoors.

When you use stickers, it will turn your customers into your brand ambassadors. When they use the stickers on their mugs, laptops, or any other items, they instantly market your brand. People love freebies, and by giving them stickers when they purchase products from you, you are making your customers feel that you are offering added value.

Ensure that you create a sticker display that people are willing to use. The stickers should be cool enough that your customers will want to stick them on their belongings such as these ones from Custom Stickers. Otherwise, you will just be wasting ink and adhesive.

Designs play a huge role in outdoor marketing campaigns, and if you want your outdoor ads to be effective, they should be stunning. This will ensure that they grab your audience’s attention, increase visibility, and drive more traffic to your business. Ensure that your advertising overpowers your competition. Please do your research and find out where they place their ads and what they look like. This will help you develop an effective strategy to market your business, give you a fighting chance in the competitive market, and boost your business growth.

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