Be Your Own Business: An Entrepreneur’s Success

The last decade has seen an increase in the ownership of technology, from the use of portable handheld devices that makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, to the affordability of systems you can literally watch on your living room walls. This has driven changes in the way we live our everyday lives, and is seen in our approaches to how we shop, learn, socialize, and run our businesses.

Constantly evolving, the increase of online companies, and the decrease in brick and mortar stores, are attributed to quickly growing technological innovation. This partly because of the easy accessibility to online shopping that helps drive down costs due to warehouse to front porch shipping, and an increase in customer service. And businesses are wise to watch these consumer shopping trends and invest their time and money into online outreach and shopping experiences.

How This Can Work for You

This brings about a secondary advantage many entrepreneurs have quickly realized. The increase in online shopping brings an increase of the need to know about the products in question. No longer are sales associates available to answer your questions on the saleroom floor. Rather online customer service needs to be fast and of quality, and the reviews of the products to be honest and trustworthy- least they lose business.

This has resulted in a growth of the blog; sites that are dedicated to the unbiased reviews of company products to help consumers research and make decisions about their purchases- and the support of the quality products available to them. One such website is taking advantage of a particular industry that has seen a recent surge in growth and a shakeup of product competition.

The owner of The Sleep Judge, an online site dedicated to unbiased, honest reviews of bedding and mattresses, has delved into the world of consumer marketing by making the site invaluable to online shoppers. Through a combination of research and experience to provide the best advice possible to consumers, the site has slowly grown through content surrounding comparisons of everything from the many mattress choices currently flooding the market, to bedding options, comparisons, sleep health tips, and comfort attainability.

What to Watch For

The Sleep Judge took advantage of the many new mattress start-ups that has shaken up the sleep industry. When an influx of new businesses hit the market, your timing can mean success. These new companies are focused on online sales only and provide customers with warehouse to front porch products- cutting out the middleman, and the cost that go along with third party sellers. The last few years have seen technological advancements surrounding materials and construction, allowing for less expensive construction, an increase in quality transparency, and the consequent rise in competition. This drives sales amongst tried and true brand name products and these new choices that undercut their prices while offering comparable quality and convenience.

New business products need to gain an audience through advertising, sales, and most of all: consumer experiences. The more feedback they receive about their products allows their business to better meet consumer needs, and in relation to the sleep industry, The Sleep Judge does just that. Keeping a blog focused on specific industries helps create a focused following, which is what grows the business.

This type of entrepreneurship is part of a growing trend of businesses that make their money through the growth of technologically based advertising strategies. On average, adult consumers are exposed to 5,000 ads a day through business branding and online approaches. And it’s easier than ever to explore options and reviews online with a simple click of a button and the increase in widespread internet coverage. Blogs generate revenue through these click through methods that provides buyers with the information they are searching for. Further revenue can be attained by participating in affiliate programs through online warehouses that often provide commission.

Tips to Succeed

Building your blog can be a daunting task but with consistent approaches and regular blogging to bring attention to your materials, you’ll find the niche you need to get the revenue you want. The online progress may at first be slow, but trust in what you are doing and as you see progress use that as an indicator to generate more of the same. Remember that there will be slow periods as markets wax and wan, and those may be the times to apply what you have learned from the process to begin another offshoot to gain a new audience.

Bottom line: Don’t give up. This process takes time, but in the long run will pay off. The drive to make it a success results in the flexibility to be your own boss – something any entrepreneur strives for.

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