How to Achieve Social Media Marketing Success

social media marketingAs a business owner, you’ve more than likely heard that social media is the place for businesses to be when it comes to marketing. Before you start marketing on Facebook or Twitter, it’s best that you first develop a marketing strategy, otherwise you might find yourself disappointed at your future results. In addition to using a social media advertising platform like Unified Social, there are three additional goals that you should set for yourself before you start marketing on your social media site.

What is it That You Hope to Achieve With Social Media Marketing?

Finding out what you want to achieve with social media is a good way to help manage your expectations. If you simply want to increase your sales, then you’ll want to focus on setting up conversion targets for all of your social avenues and set up online analytics to accurately measure your results. If you’re more focused on your customer service interface or increasing your brand awareness, look into measuring the sentiment of your business brand.  

Why Are You Engaging in Social Media?

There are reasons that you’re spending time, resources, and money on social advertising. Figuring out what those reasons are is essential to your online marketing strategy. Will you be using your social media profiles as a way to sell your services or products? Or are you using them for customer feedback? It could also be that you simply want to add to your overall business brand awareness. There are several directions that you can go in when it comes to social media, and knowing which way you’re headed can help you effectively create your business persona and voice. Not only that, but your current customers and audience will have a solid idea of the overall benefit of following you on social media. 

Who Is it That You Want to Interact With?

The main goal of you setting up your social media profiles shouldn’t be to gain as many followers as possible. You’ll also want to think about the general persona of your social media networks. Have a firm idea of who your target audience is, where you can find that target audience, and what your target audience is interested in.  

When it comes to social media, the kind of followers and audience that you have will be more important than the number of followers that you have. Think about the fact that useless connections and followers can do you and your business more harm than good by potentially keeping you from making the connections that you actually want to make. You never know who might be checking out your followers and measuring their quality before they decide whether or not to follow you. If someone sees that you don’t have very many quality connections, they may decide that you and your business aren’t worth their time or attention. Use the utmost level of discretion when it comes to deciding on who your new followers and social media friends will be. This might seem somewhat elitist of you, but it’s for the good of your business.

Clear up the fog before setting sail on the social media marketing sea. Plot your course, stick with it, and you and your crew are sure to be fine.

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