The Marketing Toolbox: 101 Online Marketing Tools & Resources For Entrepreneurs & Startups to Grow Their Business

Do you know what the secret mantra of successful entrepreneurs is?

I am talking about the multimillionaire marketers who started from scratch and achieved stupendous success within a short span of time.

Well, they knew exactly what tools will work best for them, what the cheapest resources are and how to use them.

The Marketing Toolbox brings you the exact same advantage now…

With thousands of secret arsenals available online, not all are created equal. This book cherry picks the ones that work instantly and gives quick results. Moreover, for every surefire tool that your business needs, the book covers a host of resources so that you can compare and pick the one that best satisfies your business needs.

The Marketing Tool Box is no nonsense, straightforward book that gives clear direction about the marketing tools and resources to entrepreneurs and startup companies.

Over 100 surefire tools to get you an instant leap

Written by Mohit Tater, the ebook is divided into 7 Chapters, each focusing on a different aspect of marketing. Instead of the usual mumbo jumbo that we see in the books on internet, Mohit’s book surprises us pleasantly.

He gives the precise tools, resources and even the price of each of these tools, so that one can compare and design a marketing plan in accordance to their individual business needs.  To make it simpler, Mohit has gone at length, giving the USP of each of the tools mentioned in his ebook.

Remember, these are the exact same tools that the business rockstars have been using to upscale their business to new heights!


Invincible Tools in 7 Categories

The Marketing Tool covers each and every aspect of marketing that a business needs to succeed. This includes email marketing, social media marketing, CRM, Analytics, SEO, Landing pages and Help Desk. The book does not stop at just compiling the tools, but goes beyond and gives pricing information on each of the tools and also gives the USP of each of these tools!

Accelerate Your Business Growth, Boost your Bottom line

If your marketing plans are not delivering as desired, chances are you need to relook into your marketing plan and check out the other options that are handy and perhaps yield better results. After all, all the pains you take is wasted, if it does not get you expected results.

Save time, money and efforts

Go through this book, try the time tested, proven to work tools and save your time, money and energy as a startup enterprise. If you implemented all the tools, your business will go to next level guaranteed! But, even if you try just a few, the returns will be enormous, promise!

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