5 Entrepreneurs Who Overcame Obstacles & Became Success Stories

It is saddening to see people wasting time in search for magic shortcuts to success; they don’t realize that the real path is staring right at their face. Yes, it’s hard. It requires lots of work. This is life. See on the bright side too. Being an entrepreneur gives you a special right. Right to do what you love and you get to do it your own way.  Here are a few stories of Entrepreneurs who overcame the obstacles to achieving success:

Entrepreneurs who tackled troubles head-on! 


successful entrepreneurs

During the mid-1990s, a computer enthusiast started auctioning stuff on his website. Initially slow, but soon it started garnering pace. Till then it was just a personal level project. But soon the demand for this site started growing exponentially. Pierre, the computer enthusiast had to charge a fee from people. The traffic this auction website was getting forced him to upgrade to a business account. Still wondering which was this site? Does eBay require any mention? An important lesson learnt is that to reach somewhere you need to start first.


Starbucks CEO

A young marketer Howard went to Milan for a business trip and became one of the best entrepreneurs. Inspired by upscale espresso cafes in Milan, he decided to start a chain of coffee shops. However, his employer was not interested, although they agreed to finance Howard’s endeavor. This chain of coffee shops is known as Starbucks does not require any description. Lesson learnt. Entrepreneurship is not always about something new. You can refurbish the old idea, use your own skills to enhance the existing service and present this service in such a way that the customer likes it.



What if I told you that there was a guy who loved duck hunting so much that he preferred it over pro-Football? It’s not joked. The guy was Phil Roberston. He invented duck call, started a company called Duck Commander. Later he spawned a media and merchandised empire for a family which is now known as Duck Dynasty. Lesson learnt is following your passion. Eventually, it leads to you to the best way. Maybe you have the Phil entrepreneurs’ luck too!



The two High School besties gained immense exposure to the computer world while working on game software in Atari, which they joined after dropping out of College. They were later joined by Ron, which was also working in the Atari. Later, these guys founded a company which changed the face of technology forever-Apple. Lesson learnt is that you should have the hunger to learn. Learn beyond any limitations because learning is a lifelong process and it never goes waste.



In Japan during the 1920s, a young apprentice at Osaka Electric Light Company devised an improved light socket. His employer was not interested in his innovation. So Matushita started his own endeavor. He later expanded his knowledge by working with other electronic products and started his own company, Matushita Electronics. In 2008, this company officially changed its name to Panasonic. Lesson Learnt is to never stop. You never know how near you are to the success. Just keep working without fearing the result.

There is no dearth of possibilities in this vast world. There are countless opportunities. The only thing limited is Time. Utilize this time properly to make a mark of yourself and your work. We may perish, but our work will always be there to speak of us.

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